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Other types of massage

Types of massage are various and diverse. Do not think that massage is only useful for sick people. Each type of massage has its own objectives. There are various forms of massage, depending on the region the impact of massage techniques, and who or what produces the massage: the therapist or the patient himself — self-massage.

Sports massage is used to improve the functional condition of the athlete, his athletic form, decrease fatigue, improve physical performance and prevention of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Restorative massage is usually done after a lot of physical and mental stress.

Therapeutic massage (see Massage in diseases) is an effective method of treatment of various injuries and illnesses. When carrying out therapeutic massage it is possible to allocate five basic techniques: stroking, squeezing, rubbing, kneading, vibration, and also make use of active-passive movement.

Hygienic massage — active means of preventing diseases and care of the body to maintain normal functional state of organism, strengthening of health.

Cosmetic preventive massage is aimed at the prevention of skin aging, eliminate dryness, improve overall appearance.

Indirect (external) cardiac massage

Drain (suction) massage

Percussion massage

Preventative massage

Antipyretic massage

Cupping massage

Massage with ice (or cryo)

Analgesic massage

Massage tense muscles randomly (according to V. I. Dubrovsky)

Hygienic massage

Massage apparatus

Features of massage in young athletes, women and the elderly

Massage in combination with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, physical therapy, manual therapy, clans, oxygen therapy and ointments

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