Massage in diseases. Massage technique

In recent years there has been a growing interest in non-drug methods of treatment and prevention, including the massage. This is primarily due to the sharp increase of allergic reactions to the use of pharmacological agents, adverse environmental impacts, flooding the market with preservatives and chemical additives, etc.

Massage is an effective and simple method for the treatment and prevention of certain ailments. The use of massage helps to reduce (eliminate) pain, edema, adhesions, normalization of sexual function, acceleration of processes of reparative regeneration of injured tissues etc. the Effectiveness of massage increases with early use of it in conjunction with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, various ointments, tapes, oxygen therapy, physical therapy, manual therapy, stretching exercises connective tissue formations.

Professor V. I. Dubrovsky for many years (1965-1996) conducted research on the use of massage for various injuries and diseases in the clinic and sports of the higher achievements, using modern research methods (radioisotope, instrumental, biochemical, and many others), which allowed for a fresh look at the action of massage, its effectiveness in different functional and morphological violations.

The basis of the developed massage techniques based on the theory of functional systems of academician P. K. Anokhin (1968, 1971), according to which the spine is regarded as a functional system, and acting on its links fails to receive an adequate response. This method of influence on the reflex zones of the spine allows the use of massage in the early stages of the occurrence of injuries and illnesses.Developed massage techniques in combination with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, ointments, oxygen therapy, exercise stretching scientifically by Professor V. I. Dubrovsky and find wide application in Russia and abroad.

Massage therapeutic in certain diseases

Massage in traumatology, orthopedics and surgery

Massage with injuries and diseases of the nervous system

Massage in gynecology and obstetrics

Massage in urology

Massage in skin diseases

Massage and physiotherapy in Pediatrics (children from 0 to 7 years)

Segmentary-reflex massage

Massage and hydro-kinesiotherapy during inactivity

Massage in a complex system of rehabilitation of disabled athletes

Massage in occupational diseases

Other types of massage

V.I. Dubrovsky,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
IANPO and the New York Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,
A.V. Dubrovskaya, pediatrician

Popular literature on massage

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