Rehabilitation equipment

In the treatment of injuries and diseases, removal of fatigue and recovery from disability, and to prevent the emergence of a number primatologichesky (and pathological) changes in the tissues of ODA in athletes, ballet dancers and circus workers of different specialties are widely used massage, physio - and hydrotherapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, ointment, oxygen therapy, clans, stretching exercises etc.

a man with a prosthetic right leg is learning to walk properly

For effective application of rehabilitation means you need to know the mechanisms of their impact on the functional systems and tissues of the patient, and in athletes, in addition, functional status, type of sport, age and gender.

Practice and clinical studies have shown that the pathogenesis of injuries and diseases of the ODE in athletes, ballet dancers and circus, as well as the workers of various specialties occurs similar.

A number of authors (Arshin, V. V., 1996; yard V. V. et al. 1997) we have developed borrowed (Dubrovsky V. I., Gotovtsev I. P., 1977; Dubrovsky V. I., 1979, 1980, 1985, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1994) methods of rehabilitation of elite athletes for the treatment (rehabilitation) of patients with occupational diseases of musculoskeletal system, not making anything new.

recovery of motor function using hand walker

Studies have also shown that early application of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, ointments, oxygen therapy, various types of massage, clans, exercise therapy in the complex rehabilitation system contributes to a more rapid regeneration of injured tissue, reduction (elimination) of pain, edema, accelerate tissues metabolism, rehabilitation (health) and reduce the period of disability (and athletes performance), etc.

V.I. Dubrovsky,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
IANPO and the New York Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,
A.V. Dubrovskaya, pediatrician

rehabilitation session in the gym

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