Medicinal properties of castor oil and its application

Mention of castorca often causes a smile, because most people are only aware of the laxative effect of this substance. However, the properties of castor oil are much more extensive and find applications in medicine, industry and cosmetology.

Castor oil - properties and uses

It is safe to say that this product is 100% natural. It is obtained from castor seeds, which is well known to gardeners and is often grown as an ornamental plant. On the site, by the way, there is a pharmacy instruction for the “Castor bean ordinary seed oil”. You can read.

All parts of the plant contain ricin, which is toxic to humans and animals. To ensure that the oil obtained is safe, it is treated with steam, which stimulates the decomposition of ricin and the formation of ricinoleic triglyceride, which determines the healing properties of oil from castor seeds.

Castor oil is characterized by high viscosity, inertness and the ability to maintain its physical properties even with increasing temperature. Therefore, it is a valuable industrial raw material and is used in aircraft engines as a lubricant. But the popularity of this substance has received, above all, for medicinal properties.

Castor oil - properties and uses

Use in medicine

The best known property of castor oil is a mild laxative effect on the body. However, the bactericidal and wound-healing effect of ricinoleic acid is no less valuable.

Castor oil is used in the following cases:

• In the treatment of bronchitis, colds, cough, asthma.

• To do this, 2 parts of the oil is mixed with 1 part of turpentine and used to grind the chest.

• For healing wounds, abrasions, cuts and burns.

• Oil is the main component of such a tool as Vishnevsky ointment (use, the instruction of the drug before using it must be studied personally from the official annotation enclosed in the package!). The ointment stimulates the regeneration of tissues and has a bactericidal effect, due to which not only superficial wounds and burns heal well, but also damage such as hemorrhoids. It is a component of hemorrhoid suppositories. It is considered a very effective remedy for non-healing navel in newborns.

• With constipation and poisoning.

• Light and mild laxative effect is known to almost everyone, but this tool also perfectly helps in case of poisoning with phosphorus, benzene, phenol and a number of other substances. It is used in programs for the correction of weight and body cleansing.

• Some nutritionists actively use castor oil, because it can cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, clean the intestines and liver. However, the use of the tool should be carefully and metered, like any other herbal remedies.

• With inflammation of the skin, acne, ringworm, fungal infections, furunculosis, papillomas, calluses and other skin problems.

• With infections of the genitourinary system.

• As an anesthetic for arthritis.

Application in cosmetology

Cosmeticians consider castor oil to be a real skin, hair and eyelash balm.

Due to ricinoleic acid exposure, you can:

• Reduce or smooth wrinkles;

• Soften, moisturize and tone the skin;

• Improve complexion and whiten skin, remove freckles and age spots less visible or less visible;

• Get rid of warts and papillomas;

• Improve the condition of hair and eyelashes.

Important! When skin care to use ricin oil in its pure form on sensitive areas, such as the face, is not recommended.

How to use?

The easiest way is to mix the oil with any cream in a 1:2 ratio, and when preparing a mask with fruit mass or other substances, the amount of castor oil should not exceed 1/4 part.

To combat fine wrinkles, you can add wheat germ oil, olive, sea buckthorn or peach.

In its pure form, castor oil is used for nail care, it is used to treat calluses and corns, stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. It can also be applied to the skin of the hands if there is no allergic reaction.

When caring for hair, ricinous oil is recommended to be used in a mixture with other more liquid oils (for example, olive or burdock oil), or diluted with alcohol. The last remedy is especially effective with strong hair loss. You can add small amounts of oil to kefir-based masks or other substances.

Cautions and Contraindications

Castor oil whose beneficial properties are valuable to humans, however, although it has virtually no side effects, but, like any other drug, should be used with certain precautions. Before taking castor oil inside it is worth consulting with a therapist, since some types of castor oil are suitable only for external use. Side effects can be vomiting, nausea, colic, and abdominal pain.

It is not recommended to take ricin oil to pregnant women, nursing mothers and children, without a doctor's prescription. Intestinal bleeding, peptic ulcer and a number of other gastrointestinal diseases are also reasons for not taking castorhea.

When applied topically, you should be aware of the possible occurrence of an allergic reaction in people with sensitive skin. Most often there is redness of the skin and itching, especially if the drug was used in a clean, not diluted form.

Castor oil is a valuable medicinal and cosmetic product that allows you to solve various skin problems and fight against certain diseases. However, do not wait for an instant effect. The result will be noticeable only with regular use.

Castor oil for children with constipation, use

Castor oil for children with constipation, use

The use of castor oil for constipation in children will be further examined in detail. The so-called castor oil is obtained from the seeds of common castor bean, a medicine with a specific smell. It can be purchased at the pharmacy, where it is packaged in vials with a capacity of 25 milliliters and 100 ml. Such a medicine is not expensive, from 30 to 90 rubles, depending on the volume.

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory, diuretic action, in addition, has a sedative effect, as well as anthelmintic. Often this tool is used in pediatrics, respectively, for the treatment of children. Mostly in violation of digestion, when there is a slowdown in the so-called evacuation function, which is expressed in the form of constipation, which happens quite often in children.

Currently there are disputes in the so-called medical circles about the benefits of the use of this oil. However, castor oil has been used for a long time and has a laxative effect.


For so-called relief, castor oil is used over the age of 12 years. The drug is taken orally, once a day. This herbal medicine can not be used as a so-called course of treatment, as a result of a fairly rapid addiction to the drug.

Since the function of the intestines will change, it will become atonic, as a result, it will be difficult for the child to go to the toilet without using castor oil. If constipation first arose, you can use one teaspoon of herbal remedies. If the medicine has been used before, then you can take a tablespoon of the remedy. Usually, the expected effect can be recorded after taking the medication after 4 or six hours.

Contraindications to the use of oil

Castor oil cannot be used in children in that situation if the child has a hypersensitivity to the components of this drug, after which allergic reactions to the medication have occurred.

In addition, oil is contraindicated in acute conditions, in appendicitis, in diagnosed hernia incarceration, in severe abdominal pain, when surgery is possible. In addition, the drug is prohibited to receive in the pathology of the kidneys.

Drug overdose

Symptoms of castor oil overdose can be expressed in the form of joining abdominal cramps, dizziness is not excluded, loss of consciousness is recorded, and renal dysfunction is also recorded. In this situation, it is necessary to immediately flush the stomach, in addition, prescribed antidote Loperamide or Atropine. Symptomatic treatment is performed as necessary.

Children can use castor oil in case of stool retention only after prior consultation with a specialist.

Castor oil as a laxative, application for weight loss

Castor oil as a laxative, application for weight loss

In recent years, it is impossible not to notice the appearance of numerous purification techniques. What is just not proposed to clean: it is the liver, and the gallbladder, and kidneys, and blood vessels, but most of all goes to the long-suffering intestine.

It was precisely on this innocent organ that the merciless views of home-grown cleaners, who did not even have a secondary medical education, rushed.

But purity of the intestine alone does not seem to be enough. And in the course comes the new argument of the "developers" - the fight against obesity. Given the popularity of this topic, more and more unsuspecting followers embark on this dangerous adventure, completely unaware of the potential consequences.

To obtain a pristine, virginal purity of the intestines, most often, numerous laxatives are used. In particular, the laxative effect of castor oil.

• What is castor oil?

Probably the most famous substance with a laxative effect. It is extracted from castor seeds, by hot pressing. In addition to medical use, it is widely used in various industries.

The laxative effect is achieved due to the following: when entering the human intestine, under the influence of lipase, castor oil is split into ricinic acid, which has a strong irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the small and large intestines.

As a result, peristaltic movements are enhanced, and the process of fluid intake is also disrupted. The effect, I believe, is quite predictable - diarrhea.

Speaking of regular use, diarrhea is no longer in the foreground. Rather, we will talk about the presence of multiple problems from virtually all systems and organs caused by a pronounced imbalance of all nutrients and minerals.

The basis of this effect is a very serious disease - dysbacteriosis, the main pathogenetic mechanism of which is a change in the quantitative and qualitative composition of the intestinal microflora.

• Arguments of supporters

What is usually given by supporters of the purification method as a justification for savage procedures? According to them, over the years, a huge amount of various fecal deposits accumulates in our intestines, which strongly adhere to the mucous membrane, becoming our companions for many years.

These deposits gradually decompose, saturating the human body with many toxic and therefore very hazardous substances. Therefore, it should, as soon as possible, get rid of this heavy load.

There are arguments for those who are concerned about being overweight. As stated by the creators of the cleansing methods, the accepted food will not have time to be absorbed in the intestine, and “transit” will pass through it. As a result, the suffering will get the desired effect, and those extra pounds "will melt like snow under the July sun."

• Arguments of opponents

It should be noted that no one who has a higher medical education will never recommend using laxatives without indications. The use of any medicine, even aspirin, must be justified.

Otherwise, the harm from this will override any benefit. Unfortunately, all homegrown cleaners completely forget the basic medical postulate formulated by Hippocrates - do no harm.

What happens in the body with the constant use of laxatives? Autochthonous microflora populating this organ is in the new conditions of existence, which for the most part are not optimal. As a result of this, its quantity significantly decreases, provoking all kinds of disturbances on the part of the gastrointestinal tract.

First of all, the absorption of vitamins and minerals, so necessary for our body, suffers. As a result, practically all organs are involved in the pathological process. But the greatest blow falls on the immune system. It is not difficult to guess that a person sticking to such methods starts to get sick constantly.

If we add to this a reduced amount of normal intestinal microflora, it becomes obvious that the gastrointestinal tract is an excellent “target” for numerous pathogens, because it is now virtually defenseless.

It is clear that many fans of the "clean gut" will constantly suffer from infectious diseases, including deadly ones. Do not forget about it!

Fighting obesity with diarrhea is like evil in a pure, concentrated form. Deciding to part with a few kilograms, a person condemns himself to very serious health problems that are indicated earlier.

For example, in the distant past, medieval healers treated some diseases with the help of planting worms. It was a matter of course, if, of course, it was possible to put it this way, heavy artillery - bovine and pig chains, which, according to the convictions of those years, contributed to the normalization of the bowels and improved health.

I think it would be a radical measure to combat obesity, but you will not use it? Then why do many slimming people resort to laxatives? After all, this is contrary to common sense.


I deliberately did not give and paint the method of castor oil in order to get rid of extra pounds. In my deepest conviction, there is no benefit from this, and there is plenty of harm.

Be prudent, do not look for easy ways to counter excess weight. Proper, moderate nutrition, plus exercise, and a little willpower, that's all you need to do.

Hair masks with castor oil

Hair masks with castor oil

Our hair is exposed every day to a variety of pathological factors. Hair suffer from cold and hot weather, they dry out from the regular use of hair dryers and chemical products - paint, varnish. We constantly spoil them with curling irons and irons. As a result of all this, not a few women can boast of a healthy and strong head of hair. But correcting the situation is in our hands. You can make your hair obedient, strong, lush and silky with your own strength. And this will help us to castor oil.

This product is familiar to many as a drug. However, it is allowed to be used for cosmetic purposes, namely for mixing a variety of masks for hair care. Such compounds are able to accelerate the growth of hair, strengthen it, add shine and health.

Castor oil is mined by squeezing ordinary castor from the seeds. It has a multicomponent composition and is usually used by cosmetologists in a refined form.


This oil, like other vegetable oils can be used without additives - in its pure form. Just heat it up as if in a water bath and carefully and gently spread it with massaging fingers on the surface of the epidermis on the head, and spread it along all the bands. Then wrap yourself in a thin plastic wrap, turn into a heated towel and wait sixty minutes. After an hour, wash off the mask with familiar shampoo.

This recipe is applied at intervals of one day for therapeutic purposes, and once every seven to ten days for prevention. This type of vegetable oil is great for the care of any type of hair. It has a nourishing and regenerating effect on the dry type of hair, with excessive release of fat, castorca remarkably normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands.

To accelerate growth

To increase hair growth, try to combine equal proportions of castor oil, medicinal alcohol, and lemon juice. Apply this tool to the roots of the hair and wrap a towel. You can hold this mask for more than one hour, and you can even all night. After that, rinse off the treatment with hot water.

To speed up hair growth, you can also apply a mixture of castor oil and calendula tincture (also in equal shares). Such a mask is kept on the head for thirty to forty minutes.

Hair loss

To combat alopecia, it is necessary to mix two parts of high-quality konyak or regular vodka (the first option is naturally preferable) with one part of castorca. Rub the mixture into hair roots and keep for half an hour at least once a week. The head should be wrapped in plastic and in a warm towel. Repeat once a week for a half to two months.

Cognac can also be replaced by pepper tincture, but in this case the product will have an intense burning effect.

Greasy hair

To eliminate the excess fat on the hair, add them a tone and a healthy shine, you can prepare the following composition. Mix three tablespoons of chopped parsley into pulp and thirty grams of castorca. To these components pour another teaspoon of vodka. Apply the finished composition to your hair, wrap yourself in a towel. After half an hour, wash yourself with familiar shampoo. Repeat twice in seven days.


This problem is familiar to many of us, and to eliminate it, you can also apply castor oil. If dandruff occurs with a dry type of hair, then you can eliminate it as follows: put together a tablespoon of castor oil, olive oil and vodka. Apply to hair, soak for half an hour. For dandruff, manifested in oily hair, mix the same amount of castorca, freshly squeezed lemon juice, natural honey. The application is the same as in the previous version.

Split ends

Prepare a herbal collection of chamomile, nettle and hypericum. Pour three tablespoons of such a mixture of one hundred and fifty milliliters of castor oil and place in a dark place. After a week, squeeze the oil extract and use it to lubricate the affected tips. After a couple of hours after applying the medication, wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Restorative effect

To improve the overall condition of the hair prepare kefir mask. Heat a glass of this sour-milk drink in a water bath, then mix a couple of teaspoons of castor oil into it. Distribute such a composition throughout the hair, including the roots. After half an hour, rinse your hair with shampoo.

Mix a teaspoon of castor oil with the same amount of aloe juice and thirty grams of honey. Mix the ingredients well and apply them on the head for thirty to forty minutes. Wash the head with shampoo.

Take a spoonful of castor oil and combine with the same amount of olive and almond oil. Pour a spoonful of your shampoo into this mixture. Thoroughly knead the composition applied to the hair roots and distribute throughout the hair. Leave under polyethylene and a towel for an hour or two. Repeat once or twice in seven days for a month.

Mix a teaspoon of castor oil, exactly the same amount of fatty mayonnaise and finely grated garlic cloves (a pair of large ones). Put a lot on the roots, wrap yourself in a towel. Wash off the composition after half an hour with familiar shampoo. Repeat once or twice a week.

Castor oil is great for hair care and treatment of various troubles with hair.

Castor oil for pain in the ears

Castor oil for pain in the ears

The main causes of earache

There are many factors that can cause ear pain. Sometimes this condition is explained by walks in a strong wind, constant water ingress into the ear, excessive production of earwax, or its insufficient synthesis.

In some cases, pain occurs in patients with otitis media of different localization - external, middle and internal. Sometimes they cause inflammation of the skin of the auricle (perichondritis) or furuncle. The pain can develop with injuries and Eustachitis - inflammation of the Eustachian tube.

In some cases, pain in the ears occurs in diseases that are not related to the activity of the hearing aid. It may be arthrosis or temporomandibular joint arthritis, mastoiditis and parotitis. Also, pain can be caused by inflammation of the lymph node, sinusitis, SARS, caries, etc.

Depending on the associated symptoms, conclusions can be drawn about the causes of the discomfort. So severe pain in the ear when swallowing usually occurs with acute otitis. Also, this symptom is characteristic of malignant tumors, both of the larynx and mouth, for mumps (mumps), pharyngitis, tonsillitis and abscess in the neck.

Ear pain treatment

Unpleasant soreness in the ears, which are accompanied by other disorders of well-being or particularly pronounced intensity, require an appeal to the doctor. One cannot do without a doctor even if an ear injury has occurred (mistake, burn, etc.).

If there is severe ear pain in an adult, the doctor should select the treatment. After all, therapy may include antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and glucocorticoids. Such funds can be applied topically - in the form of drops for the ears, or taken orally. Analgesics are commonly used to quickly eliminate severe pain.

It goes without saying that if a child has ear pain, the treatment should also be selected by a specialist. In children, otitis media is usually treated with the use of local nonsteroid drugs (such as Otipaks or Otirelax). In addition, common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used to suppress temperature and eliminate pain — Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc. Also, treatment for earache in a child often involves the use of local antibacterial drugs — Otof or Polydex. Antibiotics can be used in the form of tablets, suspensions and injections.

What to do with ear pain, home treatment will help?

Specialists of traditional medicine propose to use a lot of compositions based on medicinal plants and improvised means for the treatment of earaches. Such drugs are good for treating otitis, but they should be used only after consulting a doctor.

Castor oil for pain in the ears

Castor oil will help to cope with painful sensations in the ears during inflammatory processes (otitis). It should be applied warm, burying one or two droplets in the ear canal. After the ear must be covered with a cotton swab and insulate. Also, castor oil is well suited for making compresses - it should be used in the same way as camphor oil.

Castor oil for indoor flowers – application

Castor oil for indoor flowers – application

With proper and proper care, houseplants are able to please with lush flowering almost all year round. They are a decorative decoration of any room, while not requiring much attention to themselves. According to the advice of experienced growers, a simple, but very effective tool is the tool considered today. How and how can castor oil be useful for indoor plants, how can its use make up for the lack of nutrients that plants experience in limited growing conditions in pots? Now let's talk about it ...

It is known that inedible castor bean is used for the production of castor oil - its seeds are considered poisonous. However, they contain almost 60% of a valuable substance, which helps to reanimate plants with a lack of nutrients in the soil.

Castor oil as fertilizer

Useful properties in the soil in which home plants grow, decrease after 3-4 months after transplanting into new pots. Therefore, the colors need additional feeding. With the right approach and proper use of castor oil, even a very weakened plant can be turned into a flowering plant. The addition of such a fertilizer activates stem growth, promotes an increase in the size of leaves and their density, and stimulates flowering with the formation of a large number of buds.

Castor oil has unique properties and is not able to freeze or dry. It can only harden at a thermometer mark of -20 degrees. But, however, for home conditions, this information is not relevant. How to use the product?

To feed the plants you need to add 1 teaspoon of castor oil to 1 liter of boiled water and stir. This tool must be sprayed foliage 2 times a month, as well as pour a small amount into the soil to feed the roots.

Apply a solution of castor oil can only be in the period of active flowering or growth. Do not feed them those instances that go into anabiosis - a state of rest. It is very important to distinguish the disease and the weakening of the plant, in which castor oil is essential, and anabiosis, when it just temporarily stops growth. The best time for fertilizer - the period of the ovary buds.

The most valuable and effective is considered to be castor oil red. This is a substance that dissolves well in water, and an oil film does not appear on the surface of the liquid.

It is necessary to keep castor oil in a dark place, as it is capable of losing its properties under the influence of sunlight and temperature changes. Used in home floriculture oil can be stored no more than 1.5 years to get the most benefit from it.

Using such a simple composition, soon it will be possible to boast of these lush thickets on their windowsill. This is what you need, so try this method of feeding your flowers.


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Medicinal properties of castor oil and its application

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