Club dances

Club dance - is a dance that requires a small space. Dance for the stage, requires a spacious place for amplitude movements, so that you can move around, perform potentially dangerous and harsh dance elements.

Club dances combine a lot of dance styles: techno, chaos, electro, ar-n-bi, hip-hop, street jazz. Do not think that dancing “in a club” is just twitching and shaking limbs. In fact, you need to learn a technique in order to move skillfully-easily and catch admiring glances on yourself. It is important to feel the music. This is a common dance for both women and men.

Club dance is a product of mass entertainment culture

In order to start learning club dancing you need to understand the goals and objectives that you set for yourself. Pick a good teacher. Club dancing at a dance school is a study of popular dance tricks, although the techniques used on dance floors look very different. Here it is necessary to clarify that usually schools teach stage dances, but there are directions whose dance styles you can perfectly perform both in a nightclub and on a rural site.

The general dance floor dance technique should be interesting, effective, contrasting and dynamic. You will definitely need the ability to improvise, without it the dance will not be so musical, you will not be able to respond with movements to the rhythms and drawings of music.

Club-dance is an amazing dance style, a mixture of modern dance techniques and styles. There are no strict rules and laws in the performance of club dances. Basically, everything is based on beautiful improvisation and proper combination of movements. Sweeping movements and drive come from the general chaos. Disco style brings lightweight sliding plastic. Hence the semi-revolutions, a sudden change of position. From hip-hop dancers took a relaxed wiggle, and from steep-jazz - sharp turns, sudden fading in place. Ar-n-bi teaches elements of female plastics. All these styles require the ability to improvise.

Club dance is a product of mass entertainment culture, and the main feature is pleasure. The pleasure of music, movement and communication. Club dances owe their success to their lively and rhythmic nature, a combination of frivolous fun and sensuality.

Club dances are very popular in various entertainment venues, nightclubs, discos and just at parties. The list of youth dance styles that are included in club dance is constantly updated. On the dance floor, if you decide to show your skills, you need to evoke only positive emotions, the dance culture will become an assistant in this. The main thing is not to prevent others from dancing and behaving according to the format adopted at the party.

Clothing for club dances: there are no particular restrictions on her choice, but there are several recommendations: she should not constrain movements, but should not be too “hoodie”, otherwise neither you nor the coach will simply see the reflection of your movements in studio mirrors, as far as they are accurate and true. In addition, the clothes should not be too frank - you came to the lessons, and not to demonstrate the chic virtues of your figure.

Club dances combine a lot of dance styles

Shoes for club dances: for regular classes it is better to buy special dance shoes for training - this is safety, comfort, and the correct distribution of loads on the foot.

Dance training clubs provide an excellent opportunity to improve the skills of a novice dancer and can please you with live music performed by invited musicians.

Clubs give fine opportunity for skill improvement to the beginning dancer and can please you with live music performed by the invited musicians.

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Club dances

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