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The word culture in the social Sciences and especially in the history is used in a twofold sense. First, culture is of course a degree of education, for example, when they talk about cultural Nations or classes of society as opposed to uncivilized peoples or classes; in the same sense used expressions such as such as cultural people, cultural habits, etc.

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Another broader usage attaches to culture generally value of life, or internal States, without any hint of the degree of development of this or that nation, class, society, etc.

In this sense, they say, for example, about the primitive culture, i.e. the culture of these eras and peoples who use the word in the first value should be called uncivilized.

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Speaking of cultural history, mean culture in the sense of life in General. In this respect, culture is divided into material (housing, clothing, tools, weapons, jewelry, etc.), the spiritual (language, customs and mores, beliefs, knowledge, literature, etc.) and public (state and social forms, laws etc.); but if they say about the culture in a more close sense, not definitely denoting what the culture is about, then the word culture is of course commonly the spiritual culture: it is culture par excellence.

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Protivoraket cultural history or political history, as internal — external, or special history, as the history of the spiritual aspects of historical life — history of the social system (see Story). To us the use of the term has moved from German scientific literature; the French and the British, instead of the word culture, the word civilization (see).

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In writing this article uses material from
Encyclopedic dictionary of F. A. Brockhaus and I. A. Efron (1890-1907).
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