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Therapeutic physical training in diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract

The content of the article "exercise therapy in diseases of the kidney and urinary tract":


Adenoma of the prostate (prostatitis)

The nephroptosis

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The constant excretion of decay products and other harmful substances is carried out of the urinary system.

The urogenital apparatus combines two organ systems anatomically and physiologically different, but closely related topographically according to their origin and functions (partly).

K the male sex organs (see Fig. The middle section of the male pelvis) are the testes (testicles), the penis and the accessory glands and ducts through which the secretions of the prostate gland, testicles and seminal vesicles come into the penis.

The middle section of the male pelvis

The middle section of the male pelvis - sexual organs of men

1 - caul, 2 - umbilical ligament, 3 - bladder, 4 - median space behind the pubis; 5 - pubic symphysis, 6 - prostate, 7 - epididymis, 8 - testis, 9 - ledge, Cape; 10 - recto-vesical cavity; 11 - rectum, 12 - seminal vesicle, 13 - perineal curve, 14 - pelvic diaphragm, 15 - right-vesical septum; 16 - outer muscle, compressing the anus

The urinary system includes the kidneys with the pelvis, ureters, bladder and urethra.


In this disease the deposition of stones in the renal pelvis and upper urinary tract. The formation of stones may be single or double - sided. Main types of stones - urates, oxalates, phosphates, etc. they are Often combined, i.e. consist of two or three salts. Rarely there are organic stones consisting of cholesterol or sulfa compounds.

Known role in causing this disease are urinary tract infections, and disorders of varying types of exchanges, disruption of the nervous and endocrine regulation, the emptying of the underlying disorder of the urinary tract, etc.

The disease can occur covertly, and the stones in the urinary tract can be detected only by random x-ray examination. In other cases, there are lower back pain dull in nature and can be triggered by excessive physical activity, heavy lifting, etc.

One of the moments of prevention is physical fitness, conditioning and diet. Recommended morning hygienic gymnastics, exercises with a rope, complexes for strengthening of muscles of abdomen and back, as well as bike riding, long walks, sauna (bath), vibration massage the lumbar region, hyperthermic bath (38-41В°C, duration 5-10 min).

Adenoma of the prostate (prostatitis)

Inflammation of the prostate gland, or prostatitis, may be acute or chronic. In chronic prostatitis growing fibrous tissue, marked hypertrophy of the prostate. As a result of difficult urination.

In chronic prostatitis it is recommended physiotherapy (see Fig. Exemplary complexes of LH with prostate cancer 1 and 2), Jogging, skiing, swimming, urological massage (see Fig. Diagram massage prostate and seminal vesicles), diet (see Diet), etc.

Approximate complex therapeutic exercise in prostate cancer - 1

An approximate complex of therapeutic exercises for prostate cancer 1

Approximate complex therapeutic exercise in prostate cancer - 2

An approximate complex of therapeutic exercises for prostate cancer 2

The nephroptosis

The nephroptosis - the omission of the kidneys. The nephroptosis is often the result of trauma - shock in the lumbar region, contusion, her falling, sharp shocks of the body in a fall strong shaking of abdominal muscles with excessive physical stress. All these factors can cause significant displacement of the kidney due to violation of the integrity of the perinephric fascia and fibrous bridges.

When nephroptosis occur pain, dyspeptic and nervous disorders, dysfunction of adjacent organs, reduced ability to work.

Along with physical therapy (is necessary to perform a special set of exercises lying on the back) on the couch with a raised footboard is massage of the back, abdomen, thighs. Hack and effleurage excluded.

V.I. Dubrovsky,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
IANPO and the New York Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,
A.V. Dubrovskaya, pediatrician

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