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Culture of sexual relations - is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. The welfare of the family depends on how the couple build their love life.

According to the Eastern sages: "If a woman is not getting sex, it is like a smoldering hearth. Woman receiving affection men, like the sun, the giver of life."

couple in bed after the wedding

Ways of touching each other are innumerable, but in any case, in the affection a man and woman should be equally active.

Affection must precede the love act and to be four times longer than him. It is believed that the enjoyment will be complete when his first gets a woman.

couple on a sunny day in the field of poppies

To achieve sexual harmony, it is available to loving each other man and woman.

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children as a result of the creation of a normal family

The family based on marriage or kinship uniting people of common life and mutual responsibility. As an essential component of the social fabric of any society and doing more. social functions, the family plays an important role in society. the development of "public order, - wrote Engels - in which the people live a particular historical epoch and a particular country are determined by stage of development ... on the one hand - labor, on the other - the family" (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 21, p. 26) a family generations are replaced, it is carried out "the production of human procreation" (ibid, p. 26).

The family is the primary socialization and upbringing of children until they reach civic maturity, as well as a large part of the duty of care is implemented on older disabled members of society, the family is also a unit of organization of life and an important consumer unit. In addition, the family emerges as one of the main objects of the demographic policy. The first challenge of effective population policies specified in the decisions of the 26th Party Congress - "contribute to the strengthening of the family as the most important cells of socialist society" (Proceedings of the 26th Congress of the CPSU, M. 1981, p 136).

The basis of the family is marriage between a man and a woman in one form or another authorized company. It is not confined, however, to the relationship between man and woman, even legally formalized, and represents the relationship between husband and wife, parents and children. (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., Vol. 3, p. 27), which gives it the character of the most important social institution.

This is determined primarily by the fact that the family owes its existence, the existence and development, especially social needs, standards and penalties imposed by the couple care for their children. However, the family is seen as based on marriage or kinship small group, whose members are linked by common life, mutual moral responsibility and mutual assistance.

According to the website kama-sutra-club.com 2001
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