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Teaching about the weather: climatic conditions

Advantages from the use of cones

Article about what are the main advantages of the use of plastic cones. The properties of the materials used ...

Air conditioners and humidifiers: health effects

With caution you should use the moisturizers out there, inhabited by people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system ...

Meteosensitivity is a "headache" of modernity

Medical statistics says that in Russia 35% of the population weather-sensitive ...

Car insurance and stress

However carefully you drive, from trouble even radically good conspiracy will not help. But you can reduce the unpleasant consequences ...

The influence of climate on human health

To the knowledge of climate is insufficient knowledge of averages, deviations from them are also very important. The average value has far different implications, for example on a large area of the Equatorial strip of the Atlantic ocean we can say that climate and weather coincide ...

Weather conditions require the motorist special attention

If the tread has worn off (see the minimum level in the rules of the road) and the tire surface is smooth, in a dangerous situation, it will not be able to make even an experienced driver ...

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