The food regime established for the healthy and the sick

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Under the diet means the food regime established for healthy and patients according to age, body type, profession, climate, seasons, etc. In General, you can accept that an adult loses daily 20 grams of nitrogen, and 310 grams of carbon, so the food to sustain life should consist of nitrogen (see Proteins), nitrogen-free (fats, carbohydrates) and inorganic substances.

Molarotto, the diet to cover the daily losses, daily needs consist of 124,0 nitrogenous substances, starch 430,0, 55,0 30,0 fats and salts, which corresponds to approximately 820 g bread and 220,0 g of meat. For the calculation of fouta required (approximate distribution of the diets):

 ProteinsFatCarbohydratesThe ratio of protein to nitrogen-free substances
For children79352511:3,9
For workers on average118565001:5,0
For workers alone137723521:3,5
For workers when working1371733521:4,7

Very interesting calculations for diets, playfer, according to which the required adult:

At rest at least5714340
At rest high11951530
At moderate work12040530
With an average job15368530
With a strong work16071570
When the hard work18471570

Amounts of these substances are assumed to be dry. To determine the diet of a healthy person you can be guided by the weight of it, remembering that for every kilogram of its required daily of 7.0-9.0 g of carbon and 0.25-0.36 nitrogen. As a part of a variety of nutrients known in some detail, they can guide us in setting one or the other mode of food (diet).

This is not to overlook that not all substances are equally absorbed by the body and that the latter is not under all conditions equally able to assimilate the same food, and therefore have to individualize the diet of a separate entity in quantitative and qualitative respects. Next >>

see. More about clinical nutrition (diets)

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In writing this article uses material from
The encyclopedic dictionary of F. A. Brockhaus and I. A. Efron (1890-1907).

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