Sports equipment

Without what athletic sports equipment?

Sports equipment — it's all sorts of special devices and shells that are necessary for full sports. For each sport (see Kinds of sports) needed its own set of equipment. It's a term that generalizes the use of various sports equipment, instruments, devices, mechanical and electronic means, the use of which is stipulated by the rules of competitions in individual sports.

Most modern sports involve the use of sporting equipment (ball, rod, disc, spear, kettlebell, Mace, ribbon, uneven bars, balance beam and others) and/or special equipment (skis, skates, helmet, stick, goggles, bike, parachute, ice axe, etc.), which is an integral part of the sport, contributing to the achievement of the highest achievements in a particular sport and/or safety.

a set of sports equipment

There are several main groups of such items:

- shells and devices (apparatus);

- sports uniform (clothes and shoes);

- apparatus for servicing the competitions;

- equipment for the care of sports facilities.

The structure in each group is even more extensive. For example, the group of shells are included as core subjects sports (Golf clubs, rackets, balls, etc.) and simulators, training devices and other.

It is the quality of the inventory depends on how comfortable and safe will be sports. Hugely influenced by the quality of equipment and level of achievement of athletes.

balls for different sports

The sports industry in the production of sports equipment widely use the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress. Thanks to scientific and technical progress and implementation of its achievements in sport, a situation may arise when an athlete wins not because of his physical and intellectual abilities or opportunities, but because he has inventory, which have no rivals. This violates the principle of fair sports competitions.So very often sports community, sports Federation sets certain restrictions on the use of certain achievements with the aim of creating equal opportunities for participants of sports competitions.

Certificate for sports equipment

Certification of sports equipment on the basis of the legislation of the Russian Federation is not mandatory in the state system of conformity assessment — GOST R. This kind of products was not included in the Russian government resolution No. 982, which began on 15 February 2010. But in the 90-ies of the certificate on the sports equipment had to be obtained in the form of a certificate of compliance with Russian normative documents — state Standards.

Classification of equipment depending on sport, for which it is applied. Almost how many sports, so many varieties of equipment available. Since the main purpose of sports equipment is use for sports lessons. But in addition to direct application in various sports and games, sports equipment can be used for the equipment of sports halls, as a General-purpose and specialized (such as Boxing rings, tennis courts and other).Also special equipment can be designed for outdoor sports fields or swimming pools. This can be a variety of products used for flooring, platforms, so there may be all sorts of simulators and shells. Sports equipment can belong to different groups: for example, electric, power, magnetic, and other varieties.

sports equipment for sports fishing

But all these products have in common is that they must be safe for use: not to be toxic, many have to be strong and not break and not bend, i.e. to withstand a significant load. In addition to such General safety requirements there are specialized, specific to one or another position products.

Only the certificate for sports equipment can attest to those quality characteristics of products, who want to see the consumer. Certification of sports equipment on a voluntary basis in recent years become increasingly common, as it increases the competitiveness of products in the Russian market. In this case, the applicant for the certificate for sports equipment may in her statement to specify exactly those features of consumer products that are more interested in buyers of this product or a specific model.

Articles and equipment for sports have ТН ВЭД 9506.

If the products are intended for children, included in the group of 95, having the name of the game and toys, they are subject to mandatory health surveillance at the border, if supplied from abroad for the first time or issued for circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation.

cyclists in sportswear

This procedure is necessary in accordance with the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union, as games and toys from the group 95 included in the first section of the list of the Customs Union. For these goods in accordance with the legislation of the necessary sanitary certification of sports equipment and registration in Rospotrebnadzor Expert opinion on a voluntary basis. This permit confirms the compliance of products to sanitary and hygienic requirements of the Customs Union.To issue such a certificate, the CPS can only after the passage of the product laboratory tests in the accredited laboratory included in the unified register of testing laboratories of the Customs Union.

A significant part of sports equipment used in sports, refers to this group of goods. So, as we all know that almost any sport begin to engage in childhood. And it often happens that even by the age of 15 athletes no longer call "young". In gyms have different coaches and at different times can be enjoyed by both children and adult athletes.

In addition, sports equipment can be made of various materials: metals, wood, synthetic materials, plastics and others. It is often necessary to convince the buyer that this or that equipment does not emit toxic substances, it is safe even with prolonged training. Confirmation of this fact is the presence of sanitary certificate for sports equipment in the form of Expert opinions, which replaced the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on compliance with Russian sanitary requirements.

clothes for tennis courts

In order to place voluntary certification of sports equipment, you need to obtain sanitary certificate for sports equipment. The certificate of compliance shall specify the normative documents which correspond to this product and the documents under which it was produced. In addition, there is a reference to the number and date of the Protocol of certification tests and an indication of the laboratory where they were held.Sports equipment in addition to health safety, must comply with the requirements relating to the field of Metrology and standardization, to ensure the safety shells during long-term operation in terms of the lack of hazards. Voluntary certificate for sports equipment also contains a number of certification options, which was a part of conformity assessment, the possibility of applying signs of marking, and the expiration date of the authorization document.

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