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Quality Laboratory research and its role in patient safety
XXI All-Russian scientific-practical conference

March 22–24, 2016

Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC (Moscow, 65-66 km of Moscow Ring Road)

MEDI Expo 2016 - XXI All-Russian scientific-practical conference Quality Laboratory research and its role in patient safety


Quality control laboratory research currently became one of the integral components of the clinical diagnostic laboratory. He is the most qualified specialists of the laboratory. Therefore, health workers should possess knowledge in the field of management and quality control of laboratory research.

Active research and a number of discoveries in the field of medicine in recent decades has expanded the laboratory diagnosis of a large number of new techniques. Range of laboratory studies has expanded considerably, providing the Clinician a huge selection of diagnostic methods.

The intensification of work in the laboratory has supplied the specialists with the task of improvement activities on quality control of laboratory research.

Basic scientific and practical directions

- Training of laboratory medicine specialists

- Scientific principles of laboratory diagnosis

- Technological breakthroughs in laboratory diagnostics

- Rational organization of laboratory research

- The clinical significance of laboratory tests

For participation in the conference participant will receive a Certificate with credits which will be taken into account in the accreditation of professionals.

As well as in the framework of the conference will be held: Special awards ceremony specialists working in the laboratory service.

All registered participants will be available presentations and conference materials.

The conference will be a traditional competitive section "Current work of young scientists in the field of laboratory medicine".

From The Chairman Of The Organizing Committee

Dear colleagues!

The organizing Committee of the XXI all-Russian scientific-practical conference "Quality of laboratory tests is a prerequisite for the safety of patients" (Moscow, 22 - 24 March 2016 IEC "Crocus-Expo") announce the start of work on its organization.

In laboratory medicine quality is correctly and timely scheduled the test for requiring it of the patient, is made on sufficient analytical level with the necessary information for its interpretation. In modern conditions the optimization of the health system with the formation of a centralized form of laboratory service, with the transition from certification to accreditation of experts is not only important not to overlook issues of quality laboratory analysis, but using additional features, to improve the quality of laboratory research. Reconstructing the logistics of laboratory analysis it is important to organize the work with treating doctors and patients so that the results of laboratory services increased the quality of medical care in General, reduced the morbidity and mortality of the Russian population.

These and other important tasks the organizing Committee for consideration at the conference. The program includes discussion on training and accreditation of specialists in laboratory medicine, the presentation of scientific and practical achievements in key areas of clinical laboratory diagnostics: clinical biochemistry, Hematology, immunology, Cytology, clinical research, molecular diagnostics, Microbiology, coagulation research. There will be organized discussion of the problems of rational organization of certification of specialists, laboratory logistics flows to optimize financial and labor costs, the introduction of new technologies in laboratory practice, Federal and industry programs to support domestic producers of laboratory equipment.

The estimated number of participants to about 3,000 people. The employees of the specialized departments, chief specialists of laboratory service of the Russian regions, scientific institutes and specialists of the production teams, the staff of clinical diagnostic laboratories, doctors interested in problems of laboratory medicine trainees advanced training courses. In the framework of the conference it is planned to hold plenary, Symposium sessions, master classes, round tables, discussion clubs, individual schools on topical issues of laboratory medicine. Will be held a traditional contest of young scientists (under 35 years) with the awarding of the best works.

Abstracts, advanced development, relevant messages will be published in the journal "Laboratory".

In the days of the conference will be held the exhibition of modern laboratory equipment, reagents, consumables, planned presentations of firms, individual workshops on organizational, clinical and analytical issues of laboratory services. Our ability to provide a platform for presentation of achievements and developments in the field of laboratory medicine and related fields is not limited.

The organizing Committee is confident in the success of the upcoming conference, hope for fruitful cooperation with Your organization.

Chairman of the organizing Committee Professor Vladimir Dolgov

Key topics of the conference:

International specialized exhibition
"Laboratory diagnosis - 2016"

In the days of the conference will be held an exhibition of modern laboratory technology, laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables. Exhibitors may make presentations of their products, to organize separate workshops on organizational, clinical and analytical issues of laboratory services in the halls for 150-300 people. Welcome sponsorship companies sponsorship package provided by the company "Medi Expo". The organizing Committee is confident in the success of the upcoming conference and hopes for fruitful cooperation with all interested organizations.


"Medi Event" organizes the accommodation of the conference participants at special rates.


"Medi Expo" is organizing dinner for forum participants according to preliminary applications.

Lunch can be enjoyed in a private office or at the address ivanova@mediexpo.ru not later than 13.03.2016.

The cost of lunch is 1000 rubles per person and day, including VAT.

Attention! Lunch is not included in the registration fee.

Sightseeing tour of Moscow

"Medi Event" organizes sightseeing bus tour around Moscow.

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