Food Expo 2016 (China)

Beijing International Import Food Expo 2016
V international exhibition for imported food products

Food Expo 2016 (China): V international exhibition for imported food products

V international exhibition of imported food Beijing International Import Food Expo 2016 (abbreviation CIPFE) will be held in China in Beijing from 6 to 8 may.

This is one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in China. For visitors CIPFE 2016 will be a wide range of food from around the world, including dairy, meat and seafood, wines, vegetable oils, dietary and baby food, bakery and confectionery, food supplements, fruits and vegetables, coffee, tea, etc.

Food Expo 2016 (China)

"CIPFE"2015 exhibition attracted 506 exhibitors and 35,000 professional visitors from 40 countries, At the level of national pavilions participating in cipfe-2015 adopted 10 countries, including Russia. The exhibition area has reached more than 15,000 Square meters.

China - Asia's largest consumer of imported food, imported from over 140 countries, including European countries, USA, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia. Over 20,000 types of imported food in 10 major categories, successfully entered the Chinese market and were well received by Chinese consumers. In recent years, products of Russia are very popular in China, especially chocolate, beer, flour, honey etc. and selling very well.

Food Expo 2016 (China)

We have a special team working with professional customers: customers include such well-known international large chain stores as Metro AG, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, LOTUS and many Chinese grocery markets, in addition to these we have cooperation with Internet-shops, like "TAOBAO" "YIHAODIAN" to "JINGDONG", etc. so we not only field sales, but also easy to find reliable agents and online agents. China has a huge market potential for imported food.

If You are interested in the exhibition can contact us. We will provide You with quality services, as the representatives of the Russian regional exhibition. We can help you with outreach, design, stand, etc. And we also import and export trading company, during the exhibition, we will look for a reliable supplier, there is a chance we can cooperate. If You have any questions, You can contact us, we will provide You with more detail.

Food Expo 2016 (China)

The duration of the exhibition: 6-8 may 2016

The exhibition venue: Beijing Exhibition Center,

Organizer: Huaping Shenyang Trading Co.,Ltd

Email: syhuaping@126.com

Website: http://www.info668.com

Food imports in China

According to the forecast of the food industry Association of the USA, by 2018 China will become the largest country in the world in the consumption of imported food and at the same time, the volume of the food market in mainland China will reach 480 billion yuan. According to the data of research of the National Bureau of statistics of China, over the past 5 years, the growth of imported food products to China increased by an average of 15% each year. In 2014, the sales volume of import of food amounted to 69 billion yuan, will allow China to become the largest country on food imports in the shortest possible time.

Imports of feed grain in China, used mostly for fattening herds, in accordance with the forecast, to 2022 should be doubled. Soybean imports will increase by 40%, while the import of beef, according to the forecast, should also be doubled.


1. Organic food;

2. Organic drinks;

3. Functional foods;

4. Food additives;

5. Functional food for beauty;

6. Medical products.

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