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Medicine and Quality.
VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference with International participation

November 30 – December 1, 2015

Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre, Moscow – Europe Square, 2

Medicine and Quality. VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference with International participation

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health and myself, I welcome the participants and guests of the VIII all-Russian scientific-practical conference "Medicine and quality – 2015"!

The development and strengthening of national health care system today is one of the main directions of the state policy. And it is impossible without resolving the main task: the implementation of the single modern requirements to quality of rendering of medical aid to the population and the safety and effectiveness of medical products.

On the solution of this task are the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, bodies of Executive, legislative, professional and expert community. The issues of quality of care are considered from different angles of view of not only professionals (healthcare managers, pathologists and doctors from other clinical specialties, forensic medical experts), but also economists and lawyers.

The conference participants will discuss a range of topics related to the accessibility and quality of health, safety and patients ' rights. We hope that special attention will be paid to the development and improvement of pharmaceutical and medical activities, development and introduction of new modern domestic medicines and medical devices.

The quality of medical services directly depends on effective operation of each specialist in a healthcare organization. What is needed, therefore the exchange of experience, effective interaction and coordination of efforts of scientists, doctors and all medical personnel.

I wish the participants productive work. I hope that the conference will be in demand in practice recommendations for to improve the quality and efficiency of medical care.

Acting head of Roszdravnadzor Murashko M.A.

To participate in the conference to discuss issues of quality of rendering of medical care, the safety and efficacy of medical products are:

The conference program

  1. The quality of medical practice – the basis of public health
  2. The rights of citizens in sphere of health protection and ensuring of the state guarantees connected with these rights
  3. Personnel policy in healthcare. Competence and the competence of the medical staff.
  4. Internal quality control of medical care: from theory to practice
  5. Risk management in health care
  6. The state system of control of quality and safety of drugs and medical products is an integral component of quality medical care
  7. Ensuring the safety of medical activity
  8. Laboratory services medical organizations: current issues of quality assurance of clinical laboratory tests
Round tables
  1. Settlement of disputes between doctor and patient
  2. Licensing of medical activity in the aspect of ensuring the quality of medical care
  3. Public-private partnership in health care: experience and prospects
  4. The actual use of clinical protocols in practice
Master class

The influence of the organization and implementation of internal control of quality and safety of medical activity to improve the quality of medical services in medical organizations.

Press conference

- on topical issues of rendering of medical aid to the population.


"Medi Event" organizes the accommodation of the conference participants at special rates.

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