The symptoms of hypothyroidism thyroid

Almost every the disease develops unnoticed, not causing unpleasant sensations. A sick person may not even notice the disease until it becomes too late. That is why treatment of hypothyroidism need to be on time, not tightening. Pay attention to your health will help knowledge of the symptoms of the disease.

Hypothyroidism - what is it?

Called hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland produces insufficient amount of hormones - thyroxine and triiodothyronine. This pathology means that the thyroid gland is not working properly or in the body are pathological processes that affect the endocrine system.

Hypothyroidism - what it is

Hypothyroidism can cause hypothyroid coma is a severe complication, life-threatening. It most often appears in older people, provoked by colds, acute infections, injuries or intoxication. Is invoked because of the lack of treatment.

Risk factors

Before you specify the clinical manifestations of the disease, I would like to note the risk factors. These are the characteristics in which the patient has increased chance for the disease.

Note that the presence of such factors does not guarantee the occurrence of the disease, and their absence does not return promises.

The main symptoms of hypothyroidism

Symptoms appear slowly, so often remain invisible to patients. It is very important to notice disorders and seek specialist.

treatment of hypothyroidism

For hypothyroidism, as with most diseases, the characteristic symptoms of malaise: lethargy, melancholy, muscle pains, drowsiness and weakness. They also "join" the loss of efficiency, deterioration of memory and attention, decreased activity of the brain.

Among the more characteristic symptoms (some of them are celebrated only in some cases) identify the following:

The above are the symptoms of acquired hypothyroidism. In congenital there are such signs:

One hundred percent of the symptoms of hypothyroidism

The fact that really an absolute indicator - it is the result of blood analysis showed a deficiency of thyroid hormones. Any symptoms can't talk about the diagnosis for sure, need additional diagnosis and consultation with an endocrinologist.

Earlier detection have anxiety symptoms, periodic consultation of an experienced specialist and timely diagnosis is the key to preventing disease. In addition, timely treatment will help you live safely and not suffer from manifestations of the disease. Watch your health and be healthy!

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