Active, healthy lifestyle

Fitness is an active, healthy lifestyle. Fitness combines exercise, the perfection of the physical form, balance, emotional state, and proper nutrition.

And final single, established definition of fitness is still not there. We also observed a discrepancy in the spelling of the words: writing or "fitness" or "fitness". In a literal translation from English the word "fitness" (to be fit - "be in shape") - suitability, compliance.

fitness exercise

Today, the term "fitness" refers to the versatile development of physical abilities at improvement of health in the classroom. It is proved that with the help of fitness, potential physical abilities.

Fitness is, precisely, a way of life. Fitness allows you to maintain and strengthen health, to counterbalance an emotional condition, to improve physical fitness.

Fitness includes gym training, and aerobics, and proper diet - in short, fitness is a way of life, which is called "healthy".

For the modern man fitness is associated with success in life and youth.

fitness exercise

Fitness classes dates back to ancient times. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome there was a cult of athleticism, healthy and beautiful body. Greek and Roman athletes sought to combine inner and outer beauty and health.

With the development of civilization, the more wealth people have gained, the worse the health. People, especially living in a big city, experiencing the harmful effects of environment, stress, eat fast food.

In the US, the first fitness program developed during the Second world war for American soldiers to be in good physical shape. Under the guidance of professional athletes rocked the military press, performing strength exercises, pull-UPS on the crossbar.

In the middle of the last century the President's Council on fitness decided to save the American nation from obesity and disease. Now about 20 million Americans are constantly engaged in fitness.

In Russia fitness clubs opened less than ten years ago.

fitness exercise

A fitness program should be a carefully developed system designed to develop certain qualities (endurance, speed, coordination). In the basis of fitness and physical health is always a healthy way of life, development and the combination of athletic and motor skills, which give the most complete definition of fitness. All existing fitness exercises can be divided into five groups.

Now each client of the fitness club before classes, passes, under the control of an experienced coach, special sports testing to identify the source level of their training, and get advice on healthy diet. The more famous and respectable club, the more modern, scientifically based fitness programs it offers to visitors.

The first group. Endurance exercise. These include walking at a certain pace, slow Jogging, Cycling, aerobics (rhythmic gymnastics), dancing, some martial arts and swimming. These exercises are recommended for improving cardiac activity and blood circulation.

The second group. Strength training. This is bodybuilding, swimming different styles, some kinds of sports games. Such exercises strengthen and develop muscles.

fitness exercise

The third group. Exercises on speed. In this group include fast dancing, all sports games with the ball. Performing such exercises, one learns to perform short and fast movement.

Fourth group. Exercises on coordination of movements.

The fifth group. Exercises on flexibility. The last two groups identify all existing types of gymnastics and sport games and martial arts, swimming, dancing. As a result of such practice movements become confident, rhythmic and consistent, improves elasticity of muscles and joints.

fitness exercise

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