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Functional diagnosis – 2016
VIII All-Russian Conference

May 24–26, 2016

Moscow, 65-66 km of Moscow Ring Road, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre

MEDI Expo 2016 - VIII All-Russian Conference - Functional diagnosis

Russian Association of specialists in functional diagnostics (RESFD) invites You to the VIII all-Russian conference "Functional diagnostics -2016", which will be held in the framework of Scientific-educational Forum "Medical diagnostics - 2016" 24 - may 26, 2016 in Moscow, in International exhibition center "Crocus-Expo".

Dear colleagues!

We are proud to tell everyone that the VIII Annual scientific and educational Forum "Medical diagnostics" - one of the most famous and popular medical activities in Russia. Our Forum brings together doctors of various medical specialties from all corners of our country and guests from abroad. The Forum is held annually and nationwide scientific-practical Conference on FUNCTIONAL DIAGNOSTICS. Main the aim of the Conference is the information support of all departments and offices of functional diagnostics, where new diagnostic tests, which have introduced new technologies, where there is constant work on comprehension and unification of the results obtained.

We plan to discuss at the upcoming Conference pressing problems our specialty: the standardization of methods used and load test in all directions functional diagnostics in cardiology and angiology, neurology and neurosurgery, pulmonology, therapy and surgery and in other directions. We believe that the most an important part of our work is the ability to create optimal conditions in which the physician functional diagnostics can achieve its clinical and methodological expertise and intellectual capacity to the introduction of new technologies.

Today becomes relevant and integrated use of all diagnostic methods. There are new schemes of the dynamic studies of patients in the high-tech centers. Status monitoring during and after suffering minimally invasive manipulations, traditional and hybrid surgery is just a small list that becomes an integral part of the work of doctors of functional diagnostics. Scientific and technical progress is forcing all of us to keep up with the times. But new times require and continuous improvement of knowledge. Today, we are witnessing an accelerated process in the development and implementation of new methods and technologies and in the sphere of education and learning in full.

New time dictates new relationship to the received results, increased responsibility for everything we do, and often depends on us and the choice of further tactics of conducting the patient. It is important to note that a doctor of functional diagnosis has already become an indispensable member of the teams of specialists of high-tech clinics. And for compliance with the set critical tasks required and the possibility of increasing the level of professional knowledge, access to information portals. To do this, and going to the doctors all diagnostic services, research assistants, specialists, creating new diagnostic medical devices, students, residents and postgraduate students at the 8th scientific-educational Forum with international participation "Medical Diagnostics-2016".

Russian Association of specialists in functional diagnostics is waiting for You at the next scientific-educational Forum "Medical Diagnostics – 2016" and the all-Russian Conference "Functional diagnostics – 2016".

Before the meeting, dear colleagues and friends, all who are interested in our speciality "Functional diagnostics"!

Sincerely Yours,
The Organizing Committee Of The Conference "Functional Diagnostics - 2016"

The conference organizers:

Exhibition "MedPharmDiagnostics – 2016"

The Conference Program will include an international specialized exhibition that will discuss cutting-edge technologies in diagnostics of human diseases "MedPharmDiagnostics – 2016"

Food and Beverage

MEDI Expo Company organizes business-lunch for participants of the Conference.


MEDI Event Company renders services of accommodation for all participants of The Forum at special prices.

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