The Conference BIOTEKHMED

BIOTEKHMED – 2016 (it to medicine)

September 26-27, 2016

Grand Kempinski hotel, Revolutsionnaya street 53, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

BIOTEKHMED – 2016 (it to medicine)

About The Conference

Biotechnology is one of the pillars of the emerging of the 6th technological order, which will happen the formation of geo-economic picture of the world for the next generations.

Today biotechnologies are actively entering the market of medical services in the most economically developed countries. This changes radically the situation with the human capacity of the States and form a radical competitive advantage on a global scale.

Russia must become a key player on the emerging market of biomedical technologies. For raising this question organized Conference BIOTEKHMED, which will be held in September 2016.

The conference will be a flagship platform to discuss issues of biotechnology and medicine of new technological structure in Russia. The conference will combine opportunities of the scientific forum part of the expert exchange of views and exhibition space for relevant and objective assessment of the prospects of development of the industry.

Purpose BIOTEKHMED — formation of interest of market participants in the synergy of efforts for the transition to medicine new technological order. The development of a common vision of issues, challenges, and opportunities.

The Conference venue will be the city of Gelendzhik is one of the most picturesque resorts on the black sea coast, historically a place of high concentration of health institutions and is considered to be the health resort Russia.

BIOTEKHMED the conference will bring together major players in the market for problem-oriented policy dialogue and to formulate institutional reforms for the industry.

The main directions of the business program of the conference:

- It in medicine;

- development and circulation of pharmaceuticals;

- personalized medicine;

- tissue engineering and cellular technologies;

- innovative medical equipment;

- the market of medical services.

The conference will be held with the support of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. A strategic partner of the Conference, the state Corporation rostec.

Main topics of the conference

The interaction of state and business for market development of BMT in Russia

— Development strategy of the state in the field of BMT;

— The current vision of the strategy of development of pharmaceutical and medical industry;

— Measures to reduce import dependence and increase the availability of medicines and medical products;

The support system of innovation in the field of BMT.

Topical issues of preclinical and clinical studies of drugs and evaluate the effectiveness of medical technologies

— Regulation of the sector and anticipated changes in the regulatory framework for clinical research and health technology;

— Formation of drug lists; — Pharmacovigilance and state control of clinical trials in Russia and the EAEU;

— Innovative technologies for support of clinical centers;

— Development of patient-centered care model in the sector of clinical trials;

— Models of cooperation of pharmaceutical companies and CRO, outsourcing strategies clinical trials;

— Testing and funding innovative medical technologies.

Investment climate and strategies for sustainable growth in the field of BMT + technology transfer and import substitution in the field of BMT

— The attractiveness of the Russian market of BMT, the impact of the current economic situation on the investment strategy;

— The current economic environment and financing of health care. Reimbursement system, which path will Russia choose?

— The vector to decrease import dependency on the substances, medicines and medical equipment, the vision of the regulator and the manufacturer;

— New approaches to pricing and methods of pricing on medicinal products and medical devices;

— Measures of state support: decree №102 and №1289, subsidies on production and clinical trials;

— Contract manufacturing and technology transfer, Competition and patent protection, interchangeability of LS and MI.

The development of innovation infrastructure in the field of BMT

— Overview of the situation and trends in the development of biomedical innovation;

— Opportunities for public support of innovation in the field of BMT;

— Development institutions and their participation in the support of new medical technologies;

— Development of biomedical clusters in the regions;

— Possible models of interaction between science and business and strategy bridge the gap between them;

— Corporations and big Pharma as part of the landscape ecosystems of innovation.

— Integration of the Russian R&D in the international chain of development;

— Development of new technologies and competences in biotechnology: education and promotion;

— Attraction of investments in biomedical projects.

Registration, manufacturing and localization of medical products in Russia. Innovative medical equipment

— Ensuring the independence of Russia in the production of medical products;

— Import substitution and state support manufacturer MI: directions of budgetary policy, the rules for granting subsidies;

— Registration of medical devices in the light of new legislation in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian economic Union;

— Service of MI;

— Innovation and development of technological support sector;

— The special investment – advantages and disadvantages;

— To market new medical devices: barriers and opportunities;

— GCHP in healthcare as a way of interaction between government and business;

— Restrictions in public procurement of medical devices: a favorable investment climate vs. barriers for investors;

— Barriers and possibilities of introduction of innovative equipment in the existing health care system;

— The attractiveness of the market for the investor;

— Technology transfer: in what circumstances is it feasible?

— The transition from a psychology of "buying" psychology "possession" of high-tech equipment;

— Innovation and import substitution: what measures will increase the amount of domestic innovative equipment on the market?

Innovative methods of diagnosis

— New research methods; Global trends in the field of diagnostics: what we should learn and what to leave as is?

— How has the work of the Russian diagnostic Cabinet for the last 10 years?

— Genetic studies in the clinic and interpretation of the data;

— Diagnostics as part of personalized medicine, prospects in Oncology;

— Equipping of health facilities innovative diagnostical systems;

— The present procurement system as an incentive and a barrier to the development of the industry;

— Access of innovative medical devices for diagnostics in the Russian market: barriers and incentives.

The development of telemedicine in Russia

— Future legislation and the legal basis for the use of telemedicine;

— New opportunities clinics using telemedicine technologies;

— Balance between economic efficiency and quality of treatment when using telemedicine;

— Provision of infrastructure and equipping of health facilities;

— The financing of telemedicine, working under the MLA;

— Standards for transmission and storage of data and organization of work with the use of telemedicine;

— Development of competency for the effective implementation of telemedicine in practice;

— Startups and investments in a potential market solutions in telemedicine;

— Security of personal and medical data.

The development of personalized medicine. Tissue engineering and cell technologies

— Predictive medicine as the basis for the development of health;

— Development of private and public personalized medicine;

— Programs for genotyping of the population;

— Regulatory aspects of personalized treatment;

— System of support of decision-making for the individualization of treatment;

— Pharmacogenetics and personalised medicines;

— Necessary changes in the health care system for the development of personalized medicine;

— Personalize and early diagnosis in Oncology;

— Genetic maps, biomarkers of health and disease. From basic research to clinical practice;

— Create framework for elements of the technology platforms and biomaterials for tissue and cellular technologies;

— The law "On biomedical cell products." What to expect in the market?

— Cell therapy and prospects for the use of stem cells in clinical and pharmaceutical practice;

— 3D-the same results for bioprinting of organs and tissues, current status and medical application;

— Technologies and products: from lab to market;

— The prospects of gene therapy;

— Engineering aspects of cell technologies — where's the next breakthrough?

Development of innovative drugs in Russia

— Interchangeability and substitution of drugs;

— The regulatory framework for testing and turnover of innovative drugs;

— Integration of the Russian R&D in the international chain of the development of pharmaceutical products;

— Export potential of Russian pharmaceutical and medical industry;

— Protection of intellectual property in the development of BOS;

— The financing of innovative medical technologies;

— The role of new technologies, bioinformatics and data analysis in the development of new drugs.

Information technology in medicine

— Trends and technological innovations in health care, best practices and technologies;

— Application of telecommunication, mobile and WEB technologies in the provision of medical care;

— Reference resource;

— System of support of decision-making in the clinic and scientific research;

— The complete automation of healthcare institutions;

— Cloud computing and big data in health care;

— Information technologies in the system of professional education;

— Information security.

The development of medical tourism

— Why Russian patients go on medical treatment abroad and how to redirect the flow?

— Organization and state regulation of medical tourism;

— Inbound medical tourism;

— The quality of rendering of medical services and client-orientation in medical practice. Methods to improve the quality of services, the draft bill of the government of the Russian Federation;

— Strategy and development for the existing market;

— Organization of effective management of medical institutions using modern approaches and technologies;

— Wellness (Spa and wellness) tourism;

— Case studies of projects in the framework of cooperation with the state and PPP;

— A roadmap of measures to improve the efficiency and quality of services in the field of health.

The conference venue BIOTEKHMED

Grand hotel Kempinski

Revolutsionnaya street 53, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Call center BIOTEKHMED: 8 (800) 250-20-87

While working helpdesk c 10.00 to 19.00 on working days

Website: www.biotechmedconf.ru

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