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Outpatient practice: diagnosis, treatment, prevention – 2016
XXII All-Russian Congress with international participation

April 4–7, 2016

Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre (Europe Square, 2)

2016 – Outpatient practice: diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Dear friends!

XXII all-Russian Congress with international participation "Outpatient practice: diagnosis treatment and prevention" dedicated to one of the urgent problems of reproductive health of the family, one of the most promising areas of activity of healthcare institutions and of criteria of efficiency of social policy.

Essential in the development of outpatient care is the organization of multilateral cooperation in the scientific, clinical and educational activities. The solution of problems of protection of health of population is impossible without cooperation with many clinical specialties, as well as the use of high-tech methods of examination and treatment.

To parenthood was responsible and in light of the desired and healthy children, one must, first of all, to have free access to information about what is reproductive health what is sexual culture and sexual behaviour, what should I do to keep the child healthy. In this regard, the importance of outpatient care is difficult to overestimate. Great importance in the health care system is the prevention of abortion.

Over the past 35 years considerable success has been achieved in the development of new contraceptives: the content of hormones in combined hormonal contraceptives has decreased significantly, replaced by an inert intrauterine tools came contraceptives containing copper, levonorgestrel and gold. Appeared the contraceptive vaginal rings, and implants. Research and development continue.Proper informed use of effective contraceptive methods is essential from the point of view of preservation of reproductive health, protection from unwanted pregnancy and protection against sexually transmitted infections. The widespread use of contraception would lead not only to lower the number of abortions, but also to implement measures for the prevention of newborn.

The problem of differential diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of different diseases is very important. This is due to the progressive growth and the high incidence of inflammatory, autoimmune, benign and malignant diseases, disorders of the menstrual cycle, causing infertility and sometimes to disability for both women men.

It is known that the recurrence rate of genital infections reaches 75%. Ineffective treatment leads to miscarriage, infertility, premature delivery, infection of the fetus. In mind what is very significant results obtained in recent years, Baring the veil on the causes of recurrence and ineffective therapy. The Congress will be held a wide discussion on genital infections from the standpoint of the clinic, molecular biology and morphology, potential for diagnosis, treatment, prediction of relapse and prevention.

Rational management of pregnancy now also implies a focus on prevention, early detection and, if possible, complete elimination of comorbidities that may directly or indirectly affect its flow, and to reduce the frequency of complications of pregnancy.

Special attention is paid to prevention, early diagnosis and the mechanism of carcinogenesis of reproductive organs (cervix, breast, ovaries, etc.), opportunities for primary prevention, screening, early diagnosis, development and implementation of molecular markers in predicting regression, progression, recurrence, and targeted treatment.

Given the possibility of fertility preservation in patients with cancer, the Congress will emphasize the need of multidisciplinary approach in the work on this problem (oncologist, obstetrician, neonatologist, hematologist, geneticist, psychologist). Will discuss the course of cancer during pregnancy, possibilities of treatment and the degree of influence of various methods of therapy on the fetus and newborn.

According to who, worldwide, infertility affects 60 to 80 million people. One of the most promising solutions to this problem that will be discussed at the Congress was the application of assisted reproductive technologies such as cryopreservation of egg and sperm, IVF and transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity of the patient.

Certainly, reproductive health men also often needs to be controlled, diagnostics, prevention, medical and surgical treatment. This aspect will be given attention.

At the Congress of Russian and foreign experts will be presented to the international and domestic experience, discussed the prospects of application of new approaches to solving scientific and clinical problems in obstetrics and gynecology in different age periods of life of women and men.

Special attention will be given to interactive training, master classes, training workshops, etc. Meetings with the participation of leading foreign and Russian specialists will introduce the innovations that has evolved and developed in recent years abroad.

Purpose of the Congress is to convey to the doctor the most important and topical issues of obstetrics and gynecology with an emphasis on disease prevention, early diagnosis and assign the most effective treatment, using the achievements and technologies developed in recent years.

I hope that, as before, the Congress will take place in a friendly and constructive atmosphere, will allow to exchange experience and give new impetus for further improvement of outpatient care.

We wish You health, creative successes and all the best!

The President Of The Congress
academician of RAS, Professor, honored scientist of the Russian Federation
Sukhikh G. T.

Chairman of the organizing and scientific Committee of Congess -
Professor, honored scientist of the Russian Federation
V. N. Prilepskaya.



The scientific program of the Congress includes lectures, containing new relevant information, round tables, clinical analytical, training and schools to the below mentioned areas.

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