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Russian association of experts of ultrasonic diagnostics in medicine
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VII Congress of the Russian association of experts of ultrasonic diagnostics in medicine (РАСУДМ)

November 10–13, 2015

Moscow, IEC Crocus Expo, Pavilion 3, Floor 4, congress-centre, Room 20, 65-66th km of MKAD

VII Congress of the Russian association of experts of ultrasonic diagnostics in medicine (РАСУДМ)

Dear Colleague, Please join us at the Seventh Congress of the Russian Association of Medical Ultrasound Examination Professionals, which will take place on November 10-13 at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center.

Come to the Congress to discuss the latest achievements and developments of ultrasound examination methods in medicine, attend lectures of top professionals, exchange your experience and ideas with your colleagues, give a presentation in your field.

The Congress will include an International Exhibition, which will feature cutting-edge ultrasound diagnostic equipment made by Russian and foreign companies.

Discussion Topics

Topic 1. Ultrasound diagnostics in obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology
Topic 2. Ultrasound diagnostics in cardiology
Topic 3. Ultrasound diagnostics in angiology
Topic 4. Ultrasound diagnostics in gastroenterology
Topic 5. Ultrasound diagnostics in uronephrology
Topic 6. Ultrasound diagnostics in diseases of endocrine and mammary glands
Topic 7. Ultrasound diagnostics in pediatric medicine
Topic 8. Ultrasound diagnostics in oncology
Topic 9. Ultrasound diagnostics in traumas and diseases of the locomotor system and soft tissue
Topic 10. Ultrasound diagnostics in nephrology
Topic 11. Ultrasound diagnostics in ophthalmology
Topic 12. Ultrasound diagnostics in anesthesiology
Topic 13. Other areas of ultrasound diagnostics
Topic 14. Invasive procedures with ultrasound control
Topic 15. Ultrasound elastography
Topic 16. Ultrasound contrast agents
Topic 17. Management issues in ultrasound diagnostics

The scientific program of the Congress will include plenary meetings and panel discussions, presentations, dialog and round table sessions, symposia organized by various companies and a contest of young scholars. We invite everyone to make presentations that can be presented in the form of verbal report.

Food and Beverage

MEDI Expo Company organizes business-lunch for participants of the Forum at the hall #6 of the Aquarium Hotel.
You may fill in the application form HERE, not later than 14 days before the beginning of the Forum.
Price per person is 900 RUB per day, included VAT.


MEDI Event Company renders services of accommodation for all participants of The Forum at special prices.

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