MFSD — ballroom dancing in Moscow and Russia

Interregional public organization "Moscow Federation of sports dance" (MFSD) created by the Constituent conference of 6 June 1991, was registered by Justice Department of Moscow on 5 August 1991.

MFSD - sports ballroom dances

The Moscow Federation of dance sport — the first in the history of competitive ballroom dance as a sport, legally registered in 1991, a regional public organization.

During its existence MFSD first:

• participated in the preparation of documents for the recognition of ballroom dance sport in Russia;

• entered into a contract with the Committee of physical culture and sport of government of Moscow and won the competition for the placement of the social order on the development of ballroom dance that marked the beginning of:

• budget financing of dance sport,

• hold official Competitions and Championships of Moscow,

• organization of dance groups in children's sports schools and societies,

• the assignment of sports categories and titles of the athletes,

• state certification of coaches and judges in ballroom dancing;

• participated in the organization and opening of the first dance groups sports clubs: Spartak, Dynamo, CSKA, DSO trade unions;

• solicited and facilitated the opening of specialization a ballroom dance at the Russian State University of physical culture (RGUFK);

• sent their experts for training and advanced training, for tertiary sports education in RGUFK;

• assisted in the opening of scientific laboratory RGUFK on the development of ballroom dancing;

• participated in organizing and conducting the first official Championships and Championships of Russia, the international Cup of sports societies and RGUFK dance sport;

• prepared the first athletes arresters and Masters of sports of Russia on sports dances.

Also, MFSD:

• Encourage the Association of Amateur and professional ballroom dancing.

• Actively participated in the creation of the all-Russian organization "Russian dance Union" (RTS). Representatives MPST are the founders of RTS from the city of Moscow. President of the RTS shareholders meeting elected Stanislav Popov

• Actively participated in the creation of the international organization "International Dance Union" (IDU)

• In conjunction with RGUFK developed a unique system of quality evaluation of performances of the dancers. This system has successfully passed the practical test in MFST and continues to improve. On the basis of this system, now under construction, the ratings of the dancing couples MFST, RTS and some other organizations.

• Dance couples MFST successfully participate in major international competitions, including Blackpool.

Competition MPST always been open to all dancers.

Despite all the difficulties, manifested in the formation of competitive ballroom dancing as a new sport in Russia, in our country MPST is the most stable operating organization in the field of ballroom dance for such a long period of time (over 24 years). MPSC continues to work on development and improvement of ballroom dance in Moscow and the Russian Federation.

The Moscow Federation of dance sport. Phone: 8 (499) 166-57-46.


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