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Our compatriots for the most part are not very well versed in spices and seasonings. Such additives came to our kitchen not so long ago, but, nevertheless, every year spices become more and more popular, they can be easily purchased in stores or even ordered via the Internet. However, few people know about all the diversity of the quality of these products, and in fact they can be used and quite non-standard - in the treatment and prevention of various ailments. So, for example, nutmeg has a very wide use in alternative medicine, try to figure out what is the use of this product, and whether it can harm our body.

The benefits of nutmeg

Nutmeg is usually used in extremely minimal doses. The main property of this product is tonic as well as stimulating. Experts say that the systematic consumption of this spice helps to optimize brain activity, improve memory, as well as protect against stress or fatigue and easily overcome them. Also, this practice helps to eliminate and prevent insomnia and nervous breakdowns.

Healers of Chinese medicine have long used nutmeg as a powerful aphrodisiac, and it was also customary to consume it to increase potency and correct male sexual impotence.

Also, this spice pretty good optimizes digestion, increasing appetite. Therefore, nutritionists often advise to use it as a dietary supplement in the treatment of such a disease as anorexia. It is believed that the presence of nutmeg in the diet is able to establish excellent nutrition and metabolic processes in those patients who are no longer able to fully consume and absorb food.

In order to improve the local blood circulation processes in various massage aids, and also nutmeg as an ingredient is added; The advantage of this spice is that it leads to a burning and warming effect. Also, nutmeg can be an excellent ingredient for the preparation of masks for hair, activating growth processes.

Various essential oils are now very popular among the population, they are used for the treatment of various diseases, and are also wonderful ingredients for the preparation of cosmetics with their own hands. Now these oils can be easily purchased - in specialized stores or via the Internet. One of the representatives of such products is the essential oil obtained from nutmeg. It possesses the richest composition and the mass of unique medical and cosmetologically qualities. Let's talk about the features of this product in a little more detail.

Muscat oil - it turns out warm pressing

What are the properties of the “nutmeg oil” product?

Nutmeg is the source of a number of complex substances that saturate it with a rather specific smell and determine its healing properties. This product has a sharp and spicy aroma that effectively improves perception and soothes if a person is too agitated and agitated.

Nutmeg oil is actively used in folk and official medicine. It has astringent and wound-healing qualities, helps cure rheumatism and eliminate various microbes and bacteria. In addition, this substance is able to stop vomiting, reduce inflammation and cope with pain. Nutmeg oil is still a great antioxidant.

The use of this product may be appropriate for the correction of bacterial infections, gout and neuralgia. With its help, osteochondrosis is often treated, eliminates myositis, arthritis and neuritis. This spectrum of use of nutmeg oil is explained by the fact that it is able to cope with excessive swelling, eliminate pain and inflammatory lesions.

In addition, such a substance remarkably increases the elasticity of the walls of the bronchi, contributing to their purification. It also well stops the blood in the development of hemorrhages and bleeding - nasal, uterine, etc.

The oil obtained from nutmeg has an excellent tonic effect and has a positive effect on the reproductive functions of men and women. The use of this substance by the representatives of the fair sex helps to optimize the menstrual cycle and reduce spasmodic painful sensations during menstruation. Another oil stimulates the reduction of the uterus, which helps to cope with the generic pain. Also, this product helps to make menopause easier.

Butter nutmeg is quite powerful aphrodisiac. Doctors often advised to use it as an additional means to eliminate impotence.

The use of such a product will benefit those who suffer from problems with digestion. The use of oil in this case facilitates the processes of digestion of fatty and starchy foods. In addition, it slightly increases the appetite, eliminates nausea and contributes to the elimination of chronic vomiting and diarrhea. Its consumption helps prevent constipation and eliminate the unpleasant odor from the mouth. Since nutmeg oil has an antibacterial effect, its use may be appropriate for correcting intestinal infections and for stimulating the treatment of cholelithiasis.

Nutmeg oil can be used as a natural stimulant, because its warming properties are able to establish heart activity and blood circulation processes.

This product is also actively used in cosmetology. Its use in the hair care program helps eliminate hair loss, enhance growth processes, make hair healthy and strong. Creams with the addition of such oil perfectly activate cell regeneration processes, eliminating wrinkles and flabbiness.

What is a nutmeg oil product?

Most often, nutmeg oil is used for aromatherapy sessions. So for massages, compresses and aromatic baths, it should be used in the amount of three droplets, connecting with fifteen grams of the vehicle.

For rubbing it is worth connecting four to five drops of essential oil with fifteen grams of warming base oil.

Conducting hot or cold inhalation involves the use of only one drop of nutmeg oil, and the duration of the procedure should not exceed three, maximum five minutes.

To eliminate the pain, nutmeg butter in the amount of five to ten droplets is combined with ten milliliters of any basic vegetable oil. The resulting composition is used for the imposition of applications and the implementation of rubbing.

Also, nutmeg oil can be used for domestic consumption, and the daily dosage should not exceed one drop. A thick solvent with oil mixed in it is applied to some bakery products, or combined with dressings for dishes. Having eaten such an additive, you should drink wine, juice, yogurt or tea. Also, the composition can be dissolved in conventional herbal tea, this option is preferable for the correction of infectious disorders.

For the enrichment of shampoos and masks for hair loss, and creams designed to avoid flabby skin, you should use a couple of drops of nutmeg oil for every fifteen grams of base.

Muscat oil, the use of which, it would seem, should give miraculous results, however, if you exceed the dose, it can be harmful. Consider that nutmeg oil can cause serious allergic reactions - conduct allergy tests.

Nutmeg oil contains many nutrients

Nutmeg application

To increase the potency and correction of erectile dysfunction it is worth consuming nutmeg, adding it to food. Also, the powder can be diluted in water, taking the resulting solution in small sips throughout the day. The main key to success with such treatment is regularity and daily routine. But do not think that you will eat nutmeg in handfuls “in the hunt” - using it as a medicine should be strictly metered. Per day is allowed to take no more than a third of a teaspoon of nutmeg.

To eliminate neuralgia, arthritis and osteochondrosis, this spice is added to creams designed for massages, ointments, beeswax or ordinary vegetable oil. The resulting compounds have a warming effect, contribute to the elimination of inflammation, as well as stimulate blood circulation processes in problem areas.

For therapy of ARD and ARVI, it is worth dissolving a small pinch of nutmeg in a warm drink, for example, in tea. Take this drink several times a day.

To eliminate the increased swelling, reduce the acidity of urine and optimize the activity of the kidneys, it is necessary to dilute half a teaspoon of nutmeg in a glass of warm water. Take this tool for a sip throughout the day.

For the treatment of varicose veins is to prepare twenty grams of nutmeg, one hundred grams of high-quality honey, as well as one cup of hot water. Combine all the ingredients and mix them well. Take a cold drink in a tablespoon three times a day, shortly before the meal.

To eliminate insomnia, it is recommended to dissolve a pinch of nutmeg in warm milk with honey. Take in bed in small sips.


It is worth saying that not everyone and not always worth consuming nutmeg; harm from it can lead to the death of even other people. The fact is that this spice can play the role of a strong and rather dangerous hallucinogen, and provoke a number of psychoneurotic problems. Imagine now that I am talking about the driver of a truck ... Her overdose can cause incoordination, drowsiness, euphoria, and subsequently - the strongest hangover syndrome. It should be borne in mind that the consumption of a significant amount of nutmeg is also fraught with the development of serious poisoning.

It is worth refusing to treat such a spice in case of individual intolerance, during pregnancy and lactation, as well as at the age of up to seven years.

Nutmeg Application Tips

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