Marjoram essential oil, application

Marjoram is a perennial medicinal herbaceous plant with a height of up to 60 cm. It belongs to the family of Labiaceae. It has small, petioled, oval, pubescent leaves. The flowers are pink or white, collected in dense dense spikes, which sit in the axils of the cover leaves. Garden Marjoram blooms from July to September.

Homeland garden marjoram - India. It is cultivated in Russia as a medicinal and essential oil plant.

For the preparation of drugs used flowering tops of the plant. They are stockpiled by collecting during flowering, then dried in ventilated rooms or outdoors.

The flowering tops of the plant contain terpinen, essential oil, bitterness, terpineol, flavonoids, tannins, manganese, zinc, minerals, ascorbic acid and tannins.

Marjoram essential oil is a light liquid that is extracted from a famous plant. Oil is often used in medical practice. And many girls use essential oil as another means for beauty and health. It describes how to apply marjoram oil.

When using any essential oil is very important to observe the dosage. Of course, marjoram oil is no exception!

Marjoram oil can cause an allergic reaction on the skin. This is characteristic of most essential oils. Because before applying it is recommended to make a test to make sure that you can safely use the oil.

It is necessary to mix 2-3 drops of oil with a basic agent, for example, cream or vegetable oil (corn oil, sunflower oil). Next, the mixture should be rubbed into the wrist. The test lasts 24 hours. If during this time you do not feel any discomfort, you can safely use marjoram oil.

In the first 2 minutes, you may feel a warm and tingling sensation. Do not be scared! This is quite natural.

Marjoram essential oil

Nutrition Info of Marjoram Essential Oil (per 100 g leaves)

Folates 274 µg – 68.5% RDA

Niacin 0.902 mg – 25.75% RDA

Pantothenic acid 0.209 mg – 4% RDA

Pyridoxine 1.190 mg – 91.5% RDA

Riboflavin 0.316 mg – 24% RDA

Thiamin 0.289 mg – 24% RDA

Vitamin A 8068 IU – 269% RDA

Vitamin C 51.4 mg – 86% RDA

Vitamin E 1.69 mg – 11% RDA

Vitamin K 621.7 µg – 518% RDA

Sodium 77 mg – 5% RDA

Potassium 1522 mg – 32% RDA

Calcium 1990 mg – 200% RDA

Copper 1.133 mg – 126% RDA

Iron 82.71 mg – 1034% RDA

Magnesium 346 mg – 86.5% RDA

Manganese 5.433 mg – 236% RDA

Zinc 3.60 mg – 33% RDA

Carotene-ß 4806 µg

Cryptoxanthin-ß 70 µg

Lutein-zeaxanthin 1895 µg

Marjoram - useful properties

Marjoram - useful properties, use, recipes

Due to its chemical composition and has marjoram useful properties that can heal people. Marjoram has antispasmodic, sedative and expectorant effects. Medicinal plant marjoram acts as an analgesic and external antiseptic. It has a diuretic effect and regulates the activity of the digestive system.

Medicines plants used for intestinal cramps, accompanied by flatulence. They are used for light nervous disorders, as well as for colds, to calm cough and to improve appetite.

Externally, it is used to treat bruises, bruises, joint pain.

Back pain and joint pain are common in the modern world. They can arise for a variety of reasons - due to bruises and sprains, strenuous workouts, hard work and inflammatory diseases. Particularly severe are chronic back pain, which appear on the background of spinal disorders.

Fibromyalgia, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, muscle spasms - this is not a complete list of pathological conditions that seriously affect your well-being and can make a person's life simply unbearable. Doctors in such cases, prescribe pills and injections that can temporarily relax the muscles and soothe unbearable pain. However, the constant intake of drugs causes irreparable damage to the body, destroying it from the inside!

Marjoram essential oil has been used to eliminate spinal pain for many centuries. It is distinguished by a warming effect, due to which it relaxes and soothes sore muscles. Moreover, marjoram oil has a slight anti-inflammatory effect, suitable for combating arthritis, neuralgia and joint pain. Moreover, aromatherapy with this oil relieves headaches and migraines, stomach cramps and intestinal disorders.

To enhance the effects of marjoram essential oil and treat chronic back diseases, it is worth mixing marjoram oil with peppermint, lavender or black pepper oil. Such powerful compounds are able to cope with almost any painful sensations.

Marjoram – recipes

Infusion for mild nervous breakdowns and headaches.

1 cup of boiling water, pour 1 tablespoon of marjoram herb and leave for 30 minutes, then filter, squeeze out the raw material. Take on.

2 tablespoons 3 times a day.

Infusion for colds.

1 cup boiling water brew 2 teaspoons of marjoram herb and leave for 15 minutes, then filter, squeeze out the raw material. Take 0.5 cups 2 times a day.

Broth for external use.

1.5 cups of vegetable oil, pour 4 - 5 tablespoons of the herb medicinal plants marjoram garden and simmer for 20 minutes, then filter. Apply gruel from marjoram garden herb to bruises.

Marjoram – recipes


It is very important to know why you apply marjoram oil. For example, with its help you can fill the room with a pleasant evening aroma. Or marjoram oil is an excellent assistant in the treatment of many diseases.

If you just want to enjoy the aroma and relax, it is best to use an aromatic lamp. This is a special device with which you can get unearthly pleasure. The lamp can be made independently or to buy in souvenir shops, shops, drugstores and online stores.

If you do not want to buy this device, it is enough to drop a few drops of oil in the saucer and put it on the battery. The pleasure of an aromatherapy session with marjoram oil is guaranteed!

If you use marjoram oil for medicinal purposes, then:

• First consult with a specialist (aromatherapist or therapist);

• Use extreme caution.

For example, marjoram essential oil can be used to treat diseases of the respiratory tract. In this case, it is optimal to do cold and hot inhalations.

Also, marjoram oil is great for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For example, it greatly alleviates the condition in case of rheumatism, osteochondrosis. In these cases, you can do therapeutic massage or grinding. A special therapeutic bath also helps.

For the treatment of skin diseases and for cosmetic purposes it is optimal to make applications. Or for skin care, you can add oil to cosmetics, for example, creams, gels.

As you can see, marjoram oil can be used for different purposes. The main thing is to do it right.

To relax and fill the room with a sweet aroma you need 3-5 drops of oil. If you use an aromatic lamp with a candle, then add a little water. Great effect is guaranteed!

For hot inhalation you will need 2-3 drops of essential oil. It is necessary to breathe over the hot steam for about 5 minutes.

For cold inhalation need 5-6 drops of marjoram oil. The optimal procedure time is 5-7 minutes.

For therapeutic massage and rubbing, you must add 3-4 drops to the basic tool, for example, creams, gels and vegetable oil. On average, the base should be 10 milliliters (2 teaspoons).

It is recommended to add 4-5 drops to the bath. Just be sure to mix the marjoram oil with an emulsifier, such as sea salt, dairy products, bath foam and other means.

For application for cosmetic procedures it is necessary to mix almond (3 drops) and marjoram oil (5 drops). Also, the essential oil can be added to cosmetics, for example, creams, gels (2-3 drops of oil per tablespoon of the product).

Contraindications to the use of marjoram oil

Contraindications to the use of marjoram oil

Compliance with all rules is very important. Since the incorrect use of marjoram essential oil can lead to unexpected and rather unpleasant consequences.

Marjoram essential oil cannot be used if:

- pregnancy;

- individual intolerance of components.

It is also not recommended to use marjoram oil for a long time. If you love to spend aromatherapy sessions, then try to alternate the flavor of marjoram and other oils.

As you can see, marjoram essential oil can help you in matters of health. Moreover, the tart flavor remarkably uplifting. The main thing is to apply healthy marjoram oil correctly. Be healthy!

It is also not recommended to use marjoram oil for a long time

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