Tangerine oil

Many plants of our planet are used for the preparation of various medicinal compositions. A significant proportion of such crops is also a source of surprisingly beneficial essential oils. Such substances are commonly used in aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology. In addition, they can simply be purchased at a pharmacy or specialty store and use at their discretion. So highly popular is the essential oil of mandarin, which has a rich balanced composition and a lot of unique qualities.

Orange liquid with a pleasant and very tasty aroma is called tangerine essential oil. The fruit, which came to us from the southern regions of Vietnam and China, began to be actively used as a component for cosmetic preparations, in particular, essential oil. Already in antiquity, this fruit was also used for medicinal purposes, with its help they improved the processes of digestion, increased appetite, and also treated various inflammatory processes. Nowadays, it remains very popular due to its many useful qualities. Tangerine oil, its use in our time and benefits to the body - this is the main topic for discussion in this article. So let's talk about how to apply the essential oil of mandarin, the properties of this product a little more detail.

Mandarin essential oil is obtained from the peel of this fruit. It has a very pleasant aroma and a wide range of uses. This unique product is characterized by a mass of medicinal properties, it is able to cleanse the body of various toxins and slags, and is an excellent means for cleansing the intestines.

Tangerine oil has a positive effect on the state of immunity, it perfectly neutralizes viruses and aggressive bacterial particles. Also, such a substance remarkably optimizes metabolic processes, eliminates pain in the muscles, as well as in the joints. Its use helps calm nerves and eliminate insomnia.

Tangerine oil

Useful properties of tangerine oil

The production process of oil from tangerines is based on the technology of cold pressing and pressing of its skin. The resulting oil contains terpene hydrocarbons, aldehydes, as well as esters and alcohol geraniol. Rich vitamin complex makes oil indispensable in medical procedures and in cosmetology.

Mandarin essential oil is used to obtain antiseptic and anti-depressant effects, anti-bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. It has a healing effect on the gums with increased bleeding, normalizes blood pressure and has a choleretic effect. The use of this oil contributes to the normalization of metabolism and effective removal from the body of harmful toxins and toxic substances.

Baths with the addition of essential tangerine oil relax well at the end of a difficult and tiring day, adjust for a good sleep, relieve stress and tension. Healers claim that this tool is ideal for a person to calm and get rid of phobias. In addition, such water procedures are shown to reduce weight, to normalize the metabolism and fight cellulite.

Surprisingly, a bath with mandarin oil can have a therapeutic effect on the liver, on the gallbladder with existing diseases. Well, lovers are advised to take a bath with a mandarin aroma for an unforgettable, exciting evening with your soulmate, as this is an effective way to increase sensuality and eroticism.

In total there are several ways to use mandarin oil:

• Bathtubs;

• Aroma smokers and aroma lamps;

• Compresses and lotions;

• Massages and rubbing;

• Aromamedalons;

• Applicative attachment to the gums;

• Application inside.

Among other things, the essential oil of mandarin has tonic and antispasmodic properties. It is able to remove unpleasant painful sensations in the stomach, to treat flatulence.

The use of such a product prevents the natural aging of the skin and helps to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

Mandarin essential oil can be used to optimize the activity of the liver, as well as to accelerate the processes of fat splitting and activation of bile secretion. It is believed that such a product is also a great antifungal agent.

Mandarin essential oil has a positive effect on the psyche. The use of such a substance helps to eliminate irritability, correction of increased fatigue and tension. Such a natural product is able to correct children's and adult sleep, as well as behavioral responses. Its use helps in a short time to recover from past illnesses and mental crises. Mandarin essential oil has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, eliminating the feeling of fear, promoting vigor and good mood.

Useful properties of tangerine oil

Cosmetic application of tangerine oil

This tool perfectly fights acne, herpes formations, as well as pigment spots. It is recommended to use any of your usual cosmetic, adding to it for every 15 grams of 4-5 drops of oil. You can add, for example, in your favorite cream or lotion, applying to the problem skin in the morning and evening.

During the massage from cellulite and excess weight, base oil is used, and 7-8 drops of essential tangerine oil are added to it per each tablespoon.

For the treatment of scars and scars remaining on the skin, wipe it with tangerine oil in combination with jojoba oil in equal proportions.

The use of mandarin oil in medical procedures

The scope of use of this product for medicinal purposes is quite wide. Depending on what is required to be cured, you can resort to inhalation, rubbing, ingestion.

Inhalations are used to effectively treat the respiratory organs, colds and Acute Respiratory Diseases, infections of the respiratory tract and mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Add a few drops of this product to the inhaler and carry out the procedure for no more than 10 minutes once a day for an adult. For oral diseases, use rinsing: in half a glass of warm water, add 5 drops of mandarin oil, stir and apply two or three times a day.

To get rid of stomach pains (but not with a peptic ulcer), as well as to facilitate swallowing and eliminate the "lump" in the throat, prepare the following mixture: in a teaspoon of natural honey drip 3-4 drops of tangerine product. You can add it to tea, the best herbal. This tool will improve the process of digestion, improve the bowels and relieve constipation.

Treatment of stitches in the postpartum period is possible with the help of applications with tangerine oil, which can be done for two weeks every day. In addition, for pain during menstruation, women are advised to take a bath with the addition of 2-3 drops of this product. By increasing the concentration to 7-8 drops per bath, you can get rid of edema.

Apply slimming oil to the inside. This should be done on an empty stomach in the morning, using 2-3 drops of the product. This is a great way to improve metabolism, remove toxins and eliminate edema, due to which extra centimeters are often formed.

Experts recommend using this tool and to obtain a beautiful uniform tan. Not at all, the oil does not need to smear the whole body. It is enough to take a glass of juice with two drops of this unique citrus composition before going out in the sun.

Cosmetic application of tangerine oil

Mandarin essential oil for face

Mandarin oil is considered an excellent find for girls with oily skin, as well as with enlarged pores. This product can be added to a variety of cosmetic compositions that will provide skin toning, a noticeable narrowing of the pores, as well as the elimination of various rashes, including pustules.

Among other things, mandarin oil can be used to care for mature or fading skin. The systematic use of such a product helps to restore the skin's former elasticity and freshness, significantly improve the complexion, and even out the skin relief. This essential oil is able to smooth out premature wrinkles completely, and it already makes less pronounced wrinkles.

Specialists-cosmetologists say that mandarin oil can be used in the care of particularly sensitive skin. Just a few drops of this substance, added to the usual cosmetics, will help to quickly calm the skin, eliminate inflammation and irritation.

Also, the essential oil of mandarin can be used to refresh and even out the shades with a combination of skin type. It also helps to quickly eliminate herpes on the lips and to lighten pigmentation in order.

So to eliminate wrinkles, it is recommended to combine one drop of mandarin oil with a teaspoon of base oil (avocado oil, peach oil, olive oil, etc.). This composition must be hammered with fingertips in problem areas. The same mixture can be used as a cleansing agent: soak a cosmetic disc in warm water, apply a couple of drops of this composition on it and use it to wipe the skin of the face, neck and decollete.

Another tangerine oil can be added to different creams and masks in the amount of just a few drops.

Mandarin essential oil for hair

The use of tangerine oil in hair care gives positive and noticeable results after the first use. This tool makes the hair stronger, bright and heavy. Through the use of this oil, hair is saturated with moisture and revitalizes, which helps to get rid of split ends. In addition, the use of such a substance leads to the elimination of dandruff, cessation of loss, improvement of the scalp. A systematic use of tangerine oil helps to speed up the rate of hair growth.

You can add tangerine oil to your shampoo or balsam; take three to five drops of oil on a tablespoon of the product. You can also combine a couple of drops of tangerine oil with the base oil in the amount of a tablespoon and rub this composition into the scalp. Wrap the hair in polyethylene and a towel and hold such a mask for half an hour to two hours. Wash off with shampoo.

Mandarin essential oil for hair

Tangerines, oranges are useful for children

Due to the presence in the fruits of a large number of biologically active substances, they have the most positive impact on the children's body. For example, freshly squeezed orange juice helps the body retain calcium, and this is very important for the formation and strengthening of bone tissue. And these tasty fruits are an excellent means of enhancing the child’s immunity.

Oranges are very rich in pectin. Therefore, their use activates digestion, improves the functioning of the large intestine. As you know, young children are prone to frequent constipation, so give them 2-3 oranges after breakfast.

Just be careful if you give the child citrus fruits for the first time. They often cause allergies, so they should be introduced into the children's diet gradually, starting with one tangerine lobule. Of course, we are talking about babies who are already more than a year old. In general, in all you need to know the measure, then the use of sweet fruits will benefit your child.


We have examined the beneficial properties of the mandarin essential oil, its application to the skin of the face and hair. There are many recipes for the use of tangerine oil for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

Using this most valuable gift of nature, do not forget about the possible individual intolerance of the product and allergic reactions.

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Tangerines, oranges are useful for children

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