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Noble laurel (popular name “laurel tree”) is an evergreen subtropical tree (less commonly shrub) with elongated oval leaves up to 15 - 20 cm long. Homeland laurel - the Mediterranean. It is cultivated in the open field only in the subtropical zone. You can also grow laurel sap as a houseplant. This plant requires turf and leaf soil, plenty of sunlight and abundant watering. Harvest young fully developed sheets in December-January. They have a fragrant spicy smell and a bitter taste due to the content (up to 3.5%) of laurel oil.

All parts of the laurel contain essential oil, which since ancient times has been used in traditional medicine as a medicine. It is used exclusively externally. Inside, laurel oil can not be consumed! Ointments based on it have an anesthetic effect and are used for rheumatism and muscle pain, sprains. They are also used from scabies mites.

As is known, bay leaf is considered to be quite a popular seasoning, and takes its place of honor on the kitchen shelf of each hostess, since almost no hot dish is complete without it. This fragrant spice is put in soups, in various meat and fish products, and so on.

But did you know that, in addition to culinary use, there is also effective treatment with bay leaves? Due to its beneficial properties, it is valued in traditional medicine. Its chemical composition includes essential oils, which give this spice a specific aroma known to everyone.

Also, they contain tannins, minerals and phytoncides, which have antibacterial properties. It also contains various organic acids, for example, acetic, valerian and caproic.

Bay oil

Components and properties of bay leaf

Bay leaf has antiseptic, anti-neuralgic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, stiffening, sedative properties. The main valuable property of laurel for diabetics is the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism and a decrease in blood sugar.

The components contained in the bay leaf (geraniol, cyneol, ketone, alcohols, terpenes, philandren) are widely used in traditional medicine as a sedative, diuretic, diaphoretic. Laurel leaf increases appetite and improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. It has long been used in cholera epidemics, outbreaks of malaria, dysentery.

In modern folk medicine, bay leaf preparations are used for colds, infections, liver diseases, menstrual disorders, polyarthritis, asthenia, rheumatism, gallbladder diseases, depression, stomatitis, stroke, skin diseases, nervous disorders, and muscle pains.

Indications for the use of laurel infusion:

- Tuberculosis (as an antibacterial agent).

- Diabetes mellitus (normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, stimulates the immune system).

- Paralysis of the facial nerve.

- Pain in the joints (anti-inflammatory and cleansing action).

- Discharge from the ear - instillation, washing to relieve the inflammatory process.

- Renal failure.

- Osteochondrosis, seasonal weakness, nervous system disorder (anti-neuralgic, tonic effect).

- Abundant menstruation, infertility, diseases of the uterus, bladder (anti-inflammatory, diuretic, hemostatic, antiseptic effect on the female body).

- Rheumatoid arthritis.

- Hypertension (soothes and lowers blood pressure).

- Allergy.

Bay Essential Oil

Cooking laurel oil

30 g of chopped bay leaves pour 200 ml of vegetable oil. Insist at room temperature. After 10 days, filter.

About bay leaf treatment

In medicine, it is valued for wound-healing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is actively used to stimulate the body's defenses, as well as a sedative. The treatment is based on its diuretic and astringent effects. It increases appetite and improves digestion, and also reduces blood sugar.

Ointments, creams are prepared from these leaves and even produce soap based on it, which has antibacterial properties. Actively used laurel decoction, which is able to clean the body by dissolving and removing excess salts.

Cooking decoction of laurel

For the preparation of therapeutic broth you need thirty bay leaves and 400 milliliters of water, which you need to pour dry raw materials. After which you should insist the drug in a thermos for the whole night.

Use it for three days in small sips. During treatment, alcoholic beverages and meat products should be excluded from the diet, it is best to increase the number of vegetables in the diet.

After seven days, cleansing is recommended to repeat, and then take a six-month break. During pregnancy, such a procedure can not be carried out as well as during the feeding period of the baby.

You can cook a less concentrated medicinal decoction. To do this, it is recommended to take a tablespoon of ground raw materials, and pour it with 400 milliliters of water. Such a drug is used in diabetes mellitus, colds, food poisoning, and to improve immunity.

Preparation of bay medical oil

To prepare such a tool, you must chop one pack of leaves, and pour 200 ml of vegetable oil on it. Then the drug is infused for a week. Then it is recommended to filter and apply for cuts, bruises and sprains, simply rubbing them into the affected areas.

This oil helps to relieve a painful symptom. You can mix it in the amount of ten drops with tea or cold milk and take it with chronic cholecystitis twice a day. As well as bury it in the nasal cavity with a cold or sinus.

Preparation of medical ointment from bay leaf

For the preparation of ointment, you will need crushed leaves, which must be mixed with butter of a soft consistency, in a ratio of 1: 2. Then the mixture should be infused for thirty minutes in a water bath and cooled. The resulting drug is recommended to be applied to the skin in places of bruises, it will help relieve pain.

Treatment for foot sweating

Laurel infusion is recommended to add to the foot bath, in small quantities. To do this, you need about forty leaves, which you need to pour a glass of boiling water, and insist three hours. It is recommended to immerse the feet every night in such a solution, it should be done for ten minutes.

With this sheet you can get rid of bad breath

To this end, it is recommended to chew dry lavrushka, this should be done several times a day, after which, for an hour, one should not eat or drink. This method is no less effective than chewing parsley.

It will help with bee stings

You can put it on the affected area of the skin with bee stings. Due to its anti-inflammatory action, fast tissue healing will occur, swelling will subside, and pain will decrease.

Effective laurel and in everyday life, for example, it is suitable for disinfecting the room

If there is a sick person in the apartment, then to get rid of the germs, you can brew bay leaves with boiling water, then insist for fifteen minutes and pour into a saucer that is recommended to be placed in the room.

In this case, the oil burner can help, where you should add laurel essential oil. When insomnia is recommended to sew in a pillow a few leaves, in this case, a deep and prolonged sleep is guaranteed. It should be noted that when dried, this plant does not lose its beneficial properties.

the benefits of laurel essential oil

The use of bay leaf in traditional medicine

- Rubbing against bruises and sprains, joint diseases and boils.

- Instillation as an anesthetic for pain in the ears.

- Antimicrobial for scaly herpes.

- Allergic rashes and diathesis smeared with laurel oil.

- When sinusitis is instilled 3 times a day.

- The antifungal effect of laurel oil is due to the presence of phytoncides.

Laurel infusion is prepared as follows: take 10 whole dried leaves or 10 g of crushed, pour 300 lm of boiling water and insist in the thermos for an hour. Apply bay infusion before meals 150 ml.

Throat cancer is treated with laurel tincture (50 g per 500 ml). Take 15 ml 3 times a day.

You can effectively disinfect the room of the patient with pairs of laurel infusion. To do this, pour hot infusion in a wide plate. Spreading vapors will quickly clear the room of bacteria. The same effect will have the essential oil of laurel. It is enough to drip a little oil on a napkin and leave it near the patient's bed.

If your child has trouble sleeping, make a small pad, stuffing it with laurel leaves, and place it at the head of the crib. The smell will calm the baby.

Laurel essential oil is sold in pharmacies. It has an antiseptic, disinfectant and sedative effect. It is useful for sensitive, chapped skin, relieves boils and pimples, smoothes wrinkles.

With the help of a laurel infusion, you can get rid of dandruff, strengthen the hair roots and cleanse the scalp. To do this, use the infusion of bay leaf as a conditioner after washing.

Lotions, rubbing with bay leaf infusion will have a tightening, antimicrobial and anticonvulsant effect in diathesis, paralysis, sore joints, convulsions.

Contraindications of laurel oil

Pregnancy (provokes miscarriage), children under 5 years old, individual intolerance.

With an overdose of drugs containing laurel, vomiting, allergic rash is possible.

Side effects

The side effects of treatment with laurel include the appearance of constipation. To avoid impaired evacuation function of the intestine, it is recommended to eat boiled beets and prunes. If these measures do not have the proper effect, then the dosage should be reduced, or for a while stop taking the medicinal decoction.


Treatment with bay leaves is quite affordable and quite effective. However, do not forget the way to the doctor, since consultation with the doctor will never hurt. To not write about the benefits of medicinal plants, self-medicating is not worth it, because you can harm yourself.

The doctor will help to correct the treatment or supplement it so that you do not have to give up folk remedies, but you should definitely consult.

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