Dill oil

This fragrant plant has long been used in cooking. And now, almost no dish is complete without dill. It is added to soups, second courses. It is impossible to imagine a vegetable salad without its juicy greens. It is known that meat and fish dishes are best consumed with a large amount of greenery, including dill.

And all because its young stems, twigs, promote digestion, have the ability to clean the stomach and intestines from the remnants of protein food, which contributes to its early splitting and digestion. In addition, this garden plant has other beneficial properties and a positive effect on human health.

Let's learn more about dill, discuss the beneficial properties and contraindications of fragrant herbs. Talk about the beneficial properties of seeds, dill oil, find out how to prepare healing agents. Let's start our conversation with the biochemical composition of the plant:

Why is dill so useful?

The benefits of plants due to its mineral and vitamin composition. The fact is that greens and seeds are rich in vitamins, in particular, ascorbic acid. They contain valuable nicotinic acid, there is also carotene, riboflavin. Dill is rich in fiber and essential oils. But most of all valuable essential oil is found in dill seeds.

All parts of the plant contain a large amount of minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus. It is these substances that the body needs for normal, active work. For example, they have a very positive effect on the state of the circulatory system.

The healing properties of the plant

Dill has many beneficial properties. In particular, it is considered an effective, vasodilator, laxative agent. It is valued for its anti-inflammatory, sedative, hypnotic, and expectorant properties. The use of dill helps to strengthen the immune system, activates the production of milk during breastfeeding.

Dill is known for its choler etic properties. It also stimulates the production of gastric juice. Infusion of dill herbs washed inflamed eyes, as this tool perfectly eliminates inflammation, redness of the eyes.

Regular addition of fresh dill to food will improve the functioning of the heart muscle, eliminate headaches, reduce gas formation, and eliminate flatulence. But be careful, as the excessive use of this fragrant greens can greatly relax the intestines, cause a laxative effect.

Infusion plants well soothes, relieves the effects of stress. Therefore, it is recommended for use by people with increased excitability of the nervous system. The healing properties of the plant are recognized as official medicine. Therefore, the plant is often included in the composition of many pharmaceutical preparations.

Dill oil

Dill seeds

As we already know, the highest content of essential oil is concentrated in dill seeds. This substance has high healing properties. Traditional medicine uses it to reduce high blood pressure, because when taken orally, it is able to dilate blood vessels, eliminate their spasms.

Seeds are used as a highly effective carminative, therefore they are used for digestive disorders. Seeds - a known diuretic, choler etic agent, so they are used in diseases of the kidneys, bladder. They are also recommended to take as an antiemetic, sedative, anticonvulsant treatment. Used as a painkiller, healing and tonic.

Dill oil

It is recommended to use oil inside with a state of uneven excitability, shock, and neurosis, since it has pronounced sedative, sedative properties. In addition, the oil activates digestion, has bactericidal properties. It is recommended to use in violation of the menstrual cycle.

Traditional medicine recommends it for pruritus, gout, chronic constipation. They are smeared with wounds, ulcers and other skin lesions. The oil is added to food to enhance lactation in lactating women.

Therapeutic Medicines

Dill water for newborns

This tool is used to eliminate swelling, increased gas, pain in the tummy of the baby. To prepare dill water, pour 1 tablespoon of seeds 200 ml. purified boiling water. Cover with a thick towel or napkin, wait 15-20 minutes. Then strain, cool, give the child 1 teaspoon several times a day. This tool will help adults. Only in this case, the number increases to half the glass at the reception.


Crush fresh, young leaves, stems. Now pour 3 tablespoons of dill with a liter of boiling water. Tomite in a water bath, about 20 minutes. Then cool, strain, drink a quarter to half a cup of fasting in the morning and evening. This tool will help with colds; helps cleanse the body of toxins, accumulated toxins. Decoction will help restore the work of the liver, kidneys; help regulate the work of the pancreas.

Treatment of itching at home

Any person periodically feels itchy skin. Most often, it causes the desire to simply comb it, but sometimes it is unbearable when a person combs the skin before abrasions, and the itching does not stop. Often, through skin damage into the body penetrates the infection, causing the development of a disease.

An excellent proven tool is ordinary dill. You can eat 2-3 times a day on a pinch of seeds of this plant. You can drip some dill oil on a cube of refined sugar and also eat it.


Dill cannot get involved in hypotension (reduced pressure) in order to avoid dizziness, nausea, weakness. It is contraindicated in the presence of an allergic reaction and with individual intolerance to the plant.

Health Benefits of Dill Essential Oil

Fragrant dill fruits - instructions for use, analogues, indications, contraindications, action, side effects, dosage, composition

Fennel fragrant dill is a medicinal plant medicine of plant origin that has an antispasmodic effect on the body. Especially for readers of "Popular Health" will present this tool for detailed consideration.

So, the instruction Dill fragrant fruit:

• What are the composition and form of the release of “Fennel fragrant fruit”?

The pharmaceutical industry produces this phytopreparation in whole vegetable raw materials placed in cardboard packs of 50 grams each. The semi-ovules are oval, with filiform ribs, their color is brownish-grayish, with some green tint.

Aroma quite pronounced, strong. The taste, water extract, prepared from these fruits is a bit hot, and also sweet-and-sweet.

Herbal medicine sold without a prescription. It is recommended to store vegetable raw materials in a well-ventilated place, otherwise the fruits of dill can get the so-called mustiness, in addition, lose their properties. In addition, it is important that there is no excessive humidity in the room, since when it rises; the raw material may become moldy, which will make it no longer suitable.

The shelf life is 3 years, which is indicated on the package with herbal remedies, after this period of time, the further use of the “Fenestrae Fruit” is not recommended.

• What are the effects of the “Dill fragrant fruit”?

As part of the "Dill fragrant fruit" there is an essential oil, there is a fatty oil, flavonoids, carotene and some other biologically active compounds are found, due to which the herbal remedy is healing and has a therapeutic effect on the body.

From the fruits of dill prepare a decoction, which has a spasmolytic effect, in addition, this drug revealed an expectorant effect, anti-inflammatory, carminative, hypotensive, besides choleretic. In addition, herbal remedy during lactation contributes to the production of milk.

Dill essential oil

• What are the indications for the use of Dill fragrant fruits?

In the testimony of "Fennel Dill", his instructions for use classify spastic as well as colicky pains in the intestinal region; effective medication for flatulence; prescribe a herbal remedy for constipation; use the tool in complex treatment for inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

• What are the contraindications to the use of Dill fragrant fruits?

In contraindications of “Dill fragrant fruit” refers hypersensitivity to some components of herbal remedies, in addition, do not prescribe it during pregnancy. With caution, the drug is used in diagnosed arterial hypotension.

• What are the use and dosage of the Fenestroot Dill?

To prepare the broth, you will need 10 grams of the fruits of dill, put them in an enamel bowl, and then pour 200 milliliters of boiling water into it. The drug is covered with a lid and set the container in a pre-prepared water bath, where the phytomeans should be fifteen minutes.

Next, the finished broth is removed from the stove and cooled for at least 45 minutes at room temperature. After that, the broth must be properly filtered so that the fruits of dill do not fall into the ready-made potion. To do this, you can use twice folded gauze, after which it is well wrung out, and the amount of the resulting broth must be brought to a volume of two hundred grams with boiled water.

Ready dill decoction in the form of heat is recommended to be ingested up to 4 times during the day, while adults should consume one third of a glass; from 7 to 12 years is shown to take 1 or 2 tablespoons; from 3 to 6 years prescribed one tablespoon; before the age of three - half a teaspoon of the drug is used.

It is recommended to shake up the form prior to the application of “Dill fragrant fruit”, since normally a slight precipitate may form, which is the absolute norm for the herbal remedy.

butter dill

• What are the side effects of the Fennel Odor Fruits?

The side effects of dill fragrant fruit include the development of allergic reactions, which manifests itself in the form of so-called dermatological symptoms, that is, the patient will develop a rash, possibly reddening of the skin and its swelling. If the listed symptoms are expressed to a significant extent, then it is recommended to consult a doctor for the implementation of the so-called antihistamine therapy.

• Dill fragrant fruit – overdose

Symptoms of an overdose of "Dill fragrant fruit" can be expressed in the form of a decrease in blood pressure. In such a situation, the patient is shown symptomatic treatment, in particular, the prescription of drugs that contribute to high blood pressure.

• Special instructions

The use of herbal remedies does not adversely affect the performance of potentially hazardous activities by the patient when the maximum speed of reactions is necessary, for example, when driving.

If the raw material of this herbal medicine differs externally from that stated in the instructions for use, that is, there will be a different color, there will be a foreign smell, besides, if there is a so-called stuffiness from these fruits, then you should refrain from using such a herbal medicine.

• How to replace “Fennel fragrant dill”, which analogues to use?

There are no analogs of "Dill fragrant fruit".


The tool must be applied after prior consultation with the doctor.


The chemical composition of dill oil

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