Rest and treatment in Bulgaria

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria this guaranteed hot summer - soft climate, the tender, warm sea, spacious sandy beaches, the generous sun, a light coastal breeze in combination with curative mineral sources and with historical and cultural monuments - all this turns the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria into the most favourite and the vacation spot preferred for many. The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria was stretched on 380 kilometers, the numerous sea resorts of Bulgaria (more than 30) divide it into areas northern and southern.

The Solar coast, Elenite, Nessebar, Dunes belong to the well-known southern resorts of Bulgaria, Seaside and other resort complexes. To the northern - Gold dust, Albena, Riviera, the Mermaid, Balchik, Saint Konstantin and Elena and some more resorts. Many resorts are awarded "A blue flag" with which the World ecological fund awards the best beaches.


On the northern coast of Bulgaria the infrastructure of resort zones is well developed (since the Soviet period). There are more than large resorts and opportunities for comfortable rest in magnificent hotels with sports complexes, restaurants and firm shops.

In Bulgaria more than 500 thermal sources that does this country by the leading direction for balneological rest and treatment now are. In the improving purposes it is used not only water, but also curative dirt from the date of estuaries and lagoons. Fresh sea or mountain air and almost cloudless summer harmoniously supplement improving rest in Bulgaria.

Sanatoria and the improving centers are equipped with the modern medical equipment. Skilled doctors will offer the comprehensive program of improvement and rejuvenation.

In recent years the tourist infrastructure of Bulgaria endures considerable development.


Treatment of diseases in the resorts of Bulgaria

In health resorts of Bulgaria practically all list of the medical and preventive actions which successfully recommended in large resorts of the world is used. It and a wide arsenal of various methods of a balneoterapiya (a bathtub with medical salts and herbs, pearl, vortex bathtubs, souls, inhalations, an irrigation), mud cure, modern methods of physical therapy, apiotherapy, acupuncture, different types of massage, manual therapy), an aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, a kineziterapiya, a dietotherapy.

The range of diseases allowing to pass treatment and rehabilitation in the resorts of Bulgaria is quite wide. The recommended health resorts, resorts, resort complexes, the rehabilitation centers, sanatoria, wellness depending on diseases:

1. Functional and organic diseases of nervous system.

Nervous overfatigue, stress, poststressful states, neurosis, migraine, sleeplessness, sleep disorders, restoration, rehabilitation, prevention of diseases of nervous system, and also inflammatory, post-traumatic states - neuritis, radiculitis, pleksit, люмбаго, disk hernia, a sciatica, a diskopatiya, and also diseases of nervous system at children, a children's cerebral palsy, medical rehabilitation

Coastal region, Hisar, Pavel Ban, Velingrad, Sandanski

2. Stimulation of immunity, protective forces of an organism.

State after the postponed infectious diseases, the recovery period after medicinal therapy

Coastal region, Sandanski, KK "Gold dust"

3. Diseases of joints - the musculoskeletal device, rheumatic diseases.

Arthritis, arthrosis, states after changes, degenerate articulate and perisustavny diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, Bekhterev's illness / spondiloartrit, arthritises at infections, gout, psoriasis, polyarthritis

Coastal region, Hisar, Pavel Ban, Velingrad, Sandanski, Albena

4. Chronic skin diseases.

Psoriasis, sklerodermit, neurodermatitis, dry eczema, a hair loss

Coastal region

5. Treatment and prevention of infectious and inflammatory respiratory diseases.

Pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis

Coastal region, Hisar, Sandanski, Velingrad

6. Infectious and allergic respiratory diseases.

Pollinoz, bronchial asthma, allergoza

Sandanski, KK "Gold dust"

6. Heart troubles, blood vessels

The increased and lowered arterial pressure - a hypertensive illness in an initial stage, hypotonia, coronary heart disease

KK "Gold dust", Velingrad

7. Diseases of an urinary system.

Urolithic illness, chronic inflammatory diseases of kidneys and bladder, urinary tract, chronic prostatitis

Hisar, Velingrad

8. Diseases of the digestive system, gastrointestinal tract.

Stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, chronic gastritis, stomatitis, colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, violations of digestion and a small appetite, locks, a gepatopatiya, cholelithiasis, dyskinesia the zhelchevyvodyashchikh of ways, a state after infectious hepatitis, after a holetsistektomiya

Hisar, Velingrad

9. Metabolic disorders

The excess body weight, obesity, cellulitis, and also at an inactive way of life, improvement of a figure, clarification of an organism, and also diabetes, gout

Coastal region, KK "Gold dust", Hisar, Sandanski, Velingrad, Saint Konstantin and Elena

10. Diseases of the sexual sphere

Infertility of an inflammatory origin, chronic inflammatory processes, violations of a menstrual cycle, adneksit

Coastal region, Hisar, Velingrad

11. Diseases of advanced age

Aging process prevention, physical and mental adynamy at elderly, trophic violations, neuritis, neuralgia, brain and peripheral atherosclerosis, IBS, angiospasms, a hemiplegia, skin dystrophy, neurodermatitis

KK "Gold dust"

12. SPA procedure and cosmetic programs for various types of skin, Vellness

General relax

KK "Gold dust", Pomoriye, Hisar, Sandanski, Albena, Velingrad


Tourism in Bulgaria

Nearly a third of the territory of Bulgaria is occupied with mountains from among which Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina), Rhodope, Rila Planina and Pirin are most known. Here the set of modern, first-class winter resorts - Borovets, Pamporovo, Bansko where excellent conditions for winter rest with friends, all family with children are offered is built.

Bansko - the newest Bulgarian winter resort which foreign fans of skiing opened for themselves quite recently. The ski resort of Bansko is in southwest part of Bulgaria, at jails of Pirinsky mountains. Distance from Sofia to Bansko 160 km. Bansko is the climatic mountain resort, differs in the short summer and in the long winter. Snow cover reaches 2-meter thickness. Duration of a ski season - from the middle of December to the middle of April. The resort offers skiing runs for all categories of skiers, 6 routes with a general extent of 14 km are at the height from 2500 m to 1100 m above sea level.


Borovets - the oldest and biggest winter mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is at the height of 1350 meters above sea level on northern slopes of the mountain Rila Planina in the century pine wood. It is located at the bottom of top Musala - the highest on the Balkan Peninsula (2925 m).

Pamporovo - a modern ski resort, the most solar of all Bulgarian winter resorts, is in heart of Rodopsky mountains. The resort is at the height of 1650 m above sea level at the bottom of rodopsky top of Snezhank (The Snow Maiden - 1926 m).

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is and a cradle of civilizations where rich historical layers remained. Here it is possible to see remains of times of Thracians, ancient Greeks and Romans (Varna, Sozopol, Pomoriye), well remained Middle Ages monuments (Kaliakra, Nessebar) and architectural complexes of the period of the Renaissance (Nessebar, Sozopol).

Rest on beaches of Bulgaria is excellently combined with trips to adjacent areas which will acquaint tourists with the largest historic centers of Bulgaria.

One of such historical places - Pliski's Ruins - the capital of the First Bulgarian kingdom. They are on the suburb of the modern town. East gate once had a Big palace on which base the throne-room was built subsequently. Literally in several meters from it the citadel, or the Small palace where annually archeological excavations are conducted in the summer rises.

In 20 km from Pliski there is Madara where the archeological excavations, largest in Bulgaria, are conducted. Here the remains of the settlement of the III century are open BC. The particular interest causes the well-known Madara Rider - the stone relief cut in the rock at the height of 23 m.


Features of rest in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is on border between moderate and Mediterranean climatic area. In northern part the climate – moderate and continental, in the south extends the Mediterranean climatic influence. The western part of the country is closer to a Central European climatic zone. In the Danube lowland located to the North from Balkan Mountains, climate continental. In the mountain district at height 1500m. the typical mountain climate with rather low temperatures and plentiful rain rainfall and long snow cover is above sea level formed.

For the resorts of Bulgaria in spring and summer and autumn months warm soft weather is characteristic. The swimming season lasts from May to October, thanks to shoal and abundance of sunny days water at the coast well gets warm. Average air temperature in May + 20°C, in June and September + 25°C, in July and August + 26-28°C. Such weather and the sea are ideally suited for rest with children.

Saturated informative excursion rounds to Sofia, Varna will give the chance to plunge into magnificence of the world of history and architecture.

Dishes of Bulgarian cuisine are similar to dishes of the Armenian and Georgian cuisines. Such dishes as soup kharcho, Piety, shish kebabs, kebab, pastrami, chakhokhbil are especially close to Bulgarian. In Bulgarian cuisine vegetables in a fresh and marinated look are widely applied, from them prepare various vegetable dishes and garnishes. The Bulgarian culinary specialists perfectly combine vegetables with fish, meat, flour, egg and dairy products. Use of sour milk, curdled milk, sheep cheese and cheese of a kashkaval (sheep cheese) for preparation of cold appetizers, soups and the second dishes is characteristic for Bulgarian cuisine.


In Bulgarian cuisine the range of flour products at which preparation use honey, almonds and other nuts, various fruit and berries is wide. Fruit and berries form also a basis for preparation of sweet dishes - a souffle, parfait, puddings, jelly, compotes, syrups and other products. In wide assortment cakes, pies, ice cream are presented.

Main type of transport in Sofia - trams, supplement them buses and trolleybuses. The international driving license though in Bulgaria also the Russian are valid is necessary for rent of cars. In the summer entrance of cars to all resorts of Bulgaria is limited. The persons which reached 21 years can rent the car.

Monetary unit of Bulgaria - Bulgarian lev. In 1 Leva 100 stotinok. Notes in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 lev, and also coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 stotinok are in circulation.

The most popular currencies in Bulgaria - euro and US dollars. In 1 euro about 2 Leva. It is possible to change currency either in bank, or in numerous points of a currency exchange, many them which work without days off.


Bulgarian official holidays:
January 1 - New year
March 3 - Liberation of holidays / Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire /
On May 1 - work and Day of the international solidarity of the worker
On May 6 - Gergyovden (Day of Saint Georgy) and Day of the Bulgarian army
May 24 - Bulgarian Education and culture, and Day of Script Slavic
September 6 - Day of association
September 22 - Independence Day
November 1 - Day Bulgarian educators (A holiday for all educational institutions)
December 24 - Christmas Eve
25, on December 26 - Days Christmas
Easter holidays - 4 days / Passionate Friday, Sacred Saturday, Easter Sunday and Monday / in compliance to the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar of year

Representation of the Russian Federation:

Embassy of Russia - Sofia, Dragan Tsangov Blvd., 28 - ph. (359-2) 9634458, 9630912, 9634021, the fax (359-2) 9634116

After rest in Bulgaria you still will have unforgettable impressions and the sea of emotions.

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