Swing (from English swing - swing, a wave), the style of the orchestral jazz (see the Jazz) which developed in the 1920-30th in the USA as a result of synthesis of Afro-Black, jazz rhythmic and tempo music and "white" European music with classical traditions. This musical style becomes extraordinary popular and it is considered a basis of all rock music of the XX century.

Swing dance

The term swing is obliged to the birth to Duke Ellington and his song "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing". Subsequently this music was often mentioned as "Big Band Swing Music". Much fine music in style the swing was created by outstanding musicians Benny Goodman, Keb Hellouey, Harry James, Arti Shaw, Tommie Dorsey, Louis Amstrong. The well-known melody in style a swing - "In the Mood" of Glen Miller.

The new musical direction caused origin of dances which as much as possible corresponded to this music: such as Lindi-hop, the boogie-woogie, a Charleston and other dances which developed in the 1940th and later. Besides, a swing, except the general name of dances, called also clothes style, an interior, life and the behavior which arose with the birth of new music.

Swing dance

In 2004 in Moscow the Regional public organization "Federation of Dances in Style a Swing" promoting development of dancing culture of a swing was created.

In sports ballroom dances the movement of part of a body, all body or couple round the fixed rotation axis is called as a swing.

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