Wedding dance

Wedding, undoubtedly, one of the most important events in human life. And the first wedding dance – one of the most touching and beautiful moments this day.

Today statement of wedding dance for the groom and the bride becomes the same important element of preparation, as well as a choice of wedding rings. To dance at a wedding – good tradition in many countries of the world. Your production number can be the most various: romantic, gentle, passionate or cheerful; everything depends on your desire.

Set of dancing schools offer services in preparation of wedding dance. Believe, it is possible to make beautiful, effective statement even if you didn't take dancing lessons earlier. For some individual occupations you can learn the first steps and master wedding dance in a simple variation. Your statement will depend on individual preferences, musical tastes, experience, dresses and even the sizes of the hall. And training terms – from dancing and physical preparation, complexity conceived and of course, from your aspiration and patience.

Remember that achievement of any heights including skill of a tantsevaniye, lies only through own experience. That everything turned out, certain time, forces, patience and diligence is necessary. Thus the sense of any training or training is reduced gaining new skills which wasn't earlier, to tracking (understanding) of skills of the movement and correction of these skills. Your body has to get used to move at a certain speed, to feel the partner, to be guided in space. Therefore independent rehearsals of the house will be necessary for you.

Wedding dance

It is considered one of the most popular dances of newlyweds paying a tribute to classical traditions the Vienna waltz (see. Vienna waltz). Traditionally associated with ballrooms, the turned couples and the festive atmosphere, the Vienna waltz, despite the seeming ease, it is quite difficult performed by since its fast speed demands from dancers of a certain level of skill. Here the slow waltz (can come to the rescue see. A slow waltz) – dance of graceful elegance, gentle, lyrical, creating the romantic atmosphere, but demanding restraint and ability to hold a beautiful bearing and poses.

Valls as well as possible emphasizes gallant manners of the gentleman and ease and grace of the bride and will be ideally combined with style of magnificent wedding dresses in classical style.

Passionate and expressional tango (see the Tango) – dance original, spectacular, but difficult. The movements of a tango are based on a combination of fast and slow paces, and also pauses. Rhythmical steps are combined with sudden stops, change of the directions, unexpected poses. All this creates a bright pattern of the dance on a package which should be emphasized with everything: from music and the appearance, to emotions and ideal harmony in couple.

Point (see the Point) – the Latin American, slow and sensual dance, with the movements filled with love and tenderness, is reflection of the relations between the man and the woman. The Latin American dances are very various in possibility of a choice of a plot, and also can be executed in small halls. But the evening and not magnificent dress of the bride will approach a Latina more.

Often newlyweds prefer to use the favourite beautiful song which doesn't fit into a framework of known dances for the first wedding dance. It can be a basis of any dance with interesting decisions. In this case it is only necessary to pick up elements which smoothly lay down on the chosen music.

Such bright, sensual and unforgettable event as wedding dance, will make your declaration of love even more trembling and warm. It has to not only strike with the elegance, beauty and tenderness of all present guests, but also to remain in memory for many years.

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