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<< Back Lipsticks prepare also from naparfyumirovanny mix of a spermatset, wax and almond oil (the worst grades — from pork and volovy fat) and are tinted in red color by means of an alkanny root. It is necessary to carry one more grade of lipsticks to number of grindings — gelatinous and starched, used too as means for preservation of skin.

Here, for example, way of preparation and structure of one of such lipsticks: razvarivat 1 part of the Chinese gelatin (agar-agar) in 50 parts of water and filter the received broth, mix from 200 h. warm glycerin also add on each kilogram of mix of 16 drops of bergamotny and 6 drops of rose attar; sometimes such lipsticks are tinted in brown color (rataniya extract). Various liquid preparations belong to hair of gloss and softness to conditioning agents behind hair still, fiksatorny — so-called bandolina and structures for the message — oleolissa and brilliantines.

In general the dense water liquids received by dissolution vegetable slizy (broth of a gunny seed, a tragant, etc.), scented pink are called as Bandolinami or is bitter - almond oil and the podtsvechennykh in red color. Oleolissa and brilliantines an essence castor oil solutions in alcohol or fragrant spirit essences. The most widespread of them are the following preparations. Oleolisse tonique (de Piver), consisting of 5 parts of castor oil, 15 h. alcohol and small amount of bergamotny oil. Brillantine represents solution of 1 part of glycerin and 3 parts of castor oil on 60 parts of alcohol scented by any essential oil.

Other cosmetic products

The different waters for washing of the head recommended by inventors also as a hair loss medicines represent mostly weak water solutions of soap, potash, ammonia or other alkalis, a small amount of alcohol and soluble fragrant substances in water. For example, rosemary water turns out distillation of 5 kg of flowers of rosemary from 50 l. waters and distillate mixture (25 l.) from 2 l. alcohol and 200 гр. pure potash. Ray-Rum: 175 гр. tinctures from laurel leaves (1:10), 4 гр. laurel oil, 30 гр. drills, 30 гр. coal-ammoniac salt and 1 l. pink water. Shampoo: 1 part of pure soft soap, 2 parts of potash, 20 parts of water, 2 parts of alcohol and any spirits.

The numerous toiletry preparations consisting of the soap solutions which are closely mixed with fat oils, wax, spermatsety, etc. are uniform to destination with cold creams addressing long since in trade, under the general name of emulsin, quite often here add still sugar syrup, honey, an egg yolk, gum and grated almonds, and receive, thus, the pastes giving when blooming in water milky-white emulsions for washing. amandine are that, for example, olivine, ja smin-emulsine, glycerin-cre me, etc. Besides, exist still different dairy liquids — water soap and fatty or pitch emulsions. For example, so-called Lait virginal (Jungfermilch): 30 гр. tinctures of toluansky balm (1:10) and 60 гр. tinctures of benzole pitch (1:10) mix up gradually about 1 liter. pink water, through what milky-white liquid from the pitches emitted from spirit solution turns out.

The most widespread in the beginning of the XX century should consider cosmetic the perfumed powders, used by women for the message to skin of softness and an opaque look. As the main material different high grades of starch — rice and wheat serve, is very frequent in mix with powder white (Venetian or briansonsky) talc.

Aromatization of powders is made by their direct long-term hashing with the flower leaves separated then elimination, or simple addition to them any essential oil or mix of fragrant substances. For destruction of a yellowish shade of starch and talc white powders podsinivatsya sometimes by a small amount of any blue or violet pigment. Subpaint red, pink or corporal color of powders is made by a carmine, eoziny or mix of an eozin about aniline-oranzhem.

To destination and to structure the powdery whitewash and blush, serving for imitation of natural skin color are similar to powders. Kosmetik forms a basis of these talc powder (fat powder) to which for preparation of whitewash add, depending on the circumstances, bismuthic whitewash, magnesia, chalk or zinc whitewash. Bismuth gives the best whitewash, but the brown coloring accepted by it from presence of hydrogen sulfide at air forces to give preference to zinc whitewash though they also don't possess such gloss and purity of white color as bismuthic. Blush prepares from the red and pink paints or the best grades of tin minium mixed with talc mentioned above. Whitewash and blush in the form of pastes (Creme de Lys and Creme de Rose), sticks, liquids, etc. prepare from talc, in mix with tragantovy gum, olive oil, alcohol, paints and fragrant substances.

Fat face colors

Fat a face colors (theatrical grimirovka) prepare various flowers and nuances. The fatty basis of these cosmetics consists of mix of 3 parts of white wax and 7 parts of olive oil or 1,1/2 parts of paraffin and 2 parts of white vaseline which, in the kindled look, are pounded with paints and powder of talc; the used paints — a carmine, эозин, the siyensky earth, soot and some aniline pigments.

Still different tooth-powders, pastes and elixirs. can be ranked as cosmetic products. For an example we provide some recipes here.


a) black tooth-powder — 7 parts of charcoal powder, 1 part of powder from oyster sinks, 1 part of a fialkovy root, 1/2 parts of powder of a catechu, 1/2 parts of cinnamon and 1/2 parts of Myrrha.

b) White tooth-powder — 1 h. powder ossa-sepia, 1 h. oyster sinks and mint oil (2 гр. on everyone 500 гр. powder).

c) Cinchonic tooth-powder — 12 parts of a brown cinchonic crust, 24 parts of a santalaceous tree, 3 parts of alum are pounded in thin powder and perfumed by a small amount of bergamotny or fialkovy oil.

There is still a set of recipes of tooth-powders which part are coral powder, chalk, magnesia, a wine stone, alum, etc. Toothpastes (soaps) — mixes of the most delicate grades of soap with various solid powders mentioned above, the fragrant and knitting substances. Tooth elixirs and tinctures represent usually spirit solutions of the aromatic and knitting substances flavored by the most part any essential oil and serve in mix with water for rinsing of a mouth and teeth, and is purely frequent — as a toothache medicines.

We provide the recipe of one of such elixirs here — Eau de Botot: 500th gr. tinctures of a cedar tree (1:10), on 100 гр. тинкт. Myrrha and root of a rataniya, 15 drops of mint and 10 drops of rose attar. Beginning of article >>

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When writing this text material was used from
Encyclopedic dictionary of Brockhaus F.A. and Efron I.A. (1890 — 1907).
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