Progressive systems and methods of athletic training for men and women

This tutorial is about progressive systems and techniques of athletic training for men and women, powerlifting and most progressive methods as well as discusses the most important issues of athleticism.

Here you will find information of the history of athleticism, materials on rational nutrition, medical-biological means of recovery, physiological characteristics of the human body, recommendations on the organization of a healthy lifestyle...

If you apply the program the athletic training brings success, promotes increased strength, muscle mass, developing muscle relief, increased health, better health (that is, the achievement of all the goals posed in front of the athlete) this Chapter does not to read. But if you are one of those who have any problems (and there are usually 99% among independently practicing), you should pay attention to it.

It is known that there is no single best training program, equally suitable for young and old, sanguine and melancholic... All training programs should be individualized to fit the specific anatomy and physiology of the psyche (see Psychology) and genetics. Two athletes even with similar external parameters (height, weight, type of build, the degree of physical development, etc.), exercising the same, will finish up with different results. Program, effective for one may be ineffective for another. It happens all the time. How do you determine the best for you? You need to follow the basic training principles and continually assess their impact in relation to their own body.

lightweight athletic training, middle-aged man sitting with two weights

The basic principles of training apply to all, but the exact result depends on the individual. A well-known theorist of athleticism D. Vader developed many of the training principles. Here are some of them.

The load increases. During training, try to do more. You must not rest on our laurels and to strive to push the boundaries of their capabilities. This does not mean, however, that every workout should increase all the parameters of the load. There are different ways to increase the impact of training: increase the weight of shells and number of sets and reps; increase the tempo and "density", i.e. the total work per unit time. The most common two indicators: the volume associated with the total work and intensity, the measured average weight of the barbell (dumbbells) (see Stadium with their hands).

Each method of increasing training load is very important and should be used in training any bodybuilder. However, the proportion of the use of a particular method depends on the goals of training. For example, increasing the weight (resistance) is used to increase strength and muscle mass; increasing the density of the workout, i.e. reduce the time between approaches — for grinding their relief; increase the tempo for explosive strength; the increase in repetitions and total workload to increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance, etc. Specific forms of intensification of the training process are used to meet specific goals.

The principle of progressivity sometimes stands as an independent, but from our point of view is associated with the previous one. It determines the increase of mass, strength or any other train quality per unit time.

athletic training in the gym, in the team

Versatility — is the principle of comprehensive development. It is associated with the concept of harmony. You should strive to develop not only strength, muscle mass, but also the whole complex of physical qualities in connection with the harmonious formation of muscles, joints, supports and supporting systems.

Such comprehensive development and provides a solid base of high-quality specialized training and development needed in various sports (see Sports) and especially in the field of bodybuilding. It allows for safe training of high volume and intensity, which in turn ensures optimal achievement of the main goals of bodybuilding.

Gradualism (vrabatavaemomu). The training load should increase gradually in volume and intensity. The rate of growth depends on physical capabilities, abilities and level of fitness. We should not underestimate the importance of gradual, progressive development exercise. This is the only way to obtain effective and long-lasting increase in the strength, mass, the formation of certain muscle groups, etc. no one can get in shape for 2-3 weeks and stay that way forever. Remember: the more time is required for the acquisition of physical quality, the longer it persists after the cessation of exercise, or change their character.

The question of the ratio of the volume and intensity of training, increasing load is of considerable complexity. It is widely discussed in sports literature. In principle, the increase of both these parameters promises success. Most athletes do just that in the early stages of training (used heavier projectiles, doing more exercise, attitudes, reps, exercise). In the early stages it gives good results. But... a Lot of outstanding athletes "broke" on the simultaneous attempt of forced motion in all directions. For beginning athletes it is advisable to strive for a gradual increase in training loads. After reaching the optimal level they remain constant or even decrease, and the background increases the intensity. (see Monitoring of results)

Variability. The principle is widely used in training foreign bodybuilders and Soviet athletes. Its characteristic feature is variability of training load volume and intensity. It is caused by the physiological characteristics of the organism associated with the cyclical nature of his life.

after school athletic training for men and women

On this basis, periods of high training loads should be alternated with periods of decline, in order to avoid overloading and slowing down (decrease) the training effects.

Repetition. Repeatability is important for achieving sustainable physiological changes in the body. This fact is often overlooked by bodybuilders. However, it is known that many body systems (circulatory, respiratory, etc.) develop only in the continuous repeat cycle operation. They provide the possibility of shifts in achievement that are of interest to bodybuilders. Repetition facilitate adaptation of the organism to new conditions, ensure the development of proper technique of exercises.

Constancy. The training program can succeed only if its regular use, when exercises and their combinations are repeated in a rhythmic cycle. Should adhere to the established regime, regardless of the number of classes in the training cycle.

Individualization. The use of this principle involves consideration of physiological characteristics of a person's age, gender, health status, genetic characteristics, level of fitness and physical training. This creates the opportunity to correlate the training process to specific objectives. One should not imitate the workouts of other people, think of them as guidelines. Success is not to adapt yourself to the workout program known bodybuilder, he is in fact, to adapt the training to yourself. (see the Canons of the human body)

Classes at the gym

Meaningful. A famous athlete I. M. Poddubny has repeatedly stressed that the main thing in training — strong arms and legs, body and neck, but most importantly — the head. You should have a clear and accurate understanding of the problems associated with exercises, different combinations, methods, apparatuses, and variations of the implementation, etc will contribute to the successful development of certain physical qualities that you are working on will make it easier to make the right decisions in the process of training.

Even more important is the strengthening of motivation, stabilization of attitudes, strengthening will power. The aim should be to achieve perfect harmony in the body in various manifestations: from the "muscle of joy" to good health, health, harmonious physical development.

This is the first step towards systematic training 1. An introductory course to athletic training
It is possible to start to train people of different age and physical fitness. This is the first step to a systematic training...
After an introductory course, as a rule, there is a natural desire to strengthen the training of muscles got stronger 2. Basic course in athletic training
After finishing the introductory course, usually there is a natural desire to reinforce the training stronger muscles. However, to increase the amount of individual workouts over a certain limit it is impossible...
It is beginning to offer such an effective method of increasing workout intensity 3. Czechoslovak school kulturistika
Beginners are invited to this effective method of increasing training intensity as a combination of different exercises for different muscle groups and supercilii one...
Impact rate Vader 4. Forced recruitment of muscle mass
Muscle development is one of the main aesthetic, health, sports goals of athleticism. The formation of muscle mass occurs to varying degrees at all stages of athletic training...
Supersetnaya training 5. Supercena training
Famous bodybuilder Ricky vine summarized the training method with the use of supersets of different size and content...
Targeted exercises sports weightlifting at current ideas should begin in 12-13 years 6. Age peculiarities of training
Children's exercise should be supervised by adults and as an independent is not recommended. 10-11 years old — the age is quite suitable for the start of classes...
Push-ups with dumbbells in his hands 7. Semidesyatiletiyu set in training athletes
There is a new justification for old principles. Strength and endurance develop optimally when using this load, which provides the greatest muscle tension for 40-70 seconds...
She shakes her abdominal muscles 8. Types of addition and variation of the training process
Athleticism is a sport of the future. They can engage men and women, young and old, strong and weak...
Use dumbbells in specialized athletic training 9. Specialized athletic training
Specialized training can look very different: some focus on a specific muscle group in a shared program at the expense of burdening, the use of advanced methods, increasing the number of sets and exercises...
Occupation athleticism for women 10. Athleticism for women
Every woman can fulfill the posture, beautiful body shape, graceful gait, graceful and free movements under the condition of regular training, your body...
Achieving maximum power performance in women 11. Power program in athletic training
Plastic bodybuilding and power lifting are completely different sports. Each of them has its own goals, objectives, systems and methods. This view seems justified...
Squatting as a traumatic exercise 12. The prevention of injuries when practicing athleticism
The most effective means of preventing injuries, proper execution of exercises...
Strength training with dumbbells for biceps 13. Training in power lifting
Purposes: the General strengthening of basic muscle groups, the learning and development of competitive and additional exercises...
Preparation for lifting weights 14. Training program "the Wave"
As an example we offer to Your attention a comprehensive program of athletic training, force direction is proportional to the load on muscles and focusing on the crossing of the results in the bench press...

According to the source material: "the Athleticism for you" — K., "Knowledge" Society of the USSR, 1990.
Photo from www.istockphoto.com

More information about the athleticism and the tools of the lessons you can learn from books I.S. Ivanov «Book of athletics», published in 2001 in Moscow publishing house "The square"; — 208 pages. ISBN 5-901641-02-7.

Progressive systems and methods of athletic training

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