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Exercise therapy for skin diseases

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Lupus erythematosus


Skin itching

Psoriasis (psoriasis)

Atopic dermatitis

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The skin is the anatomical and physiological part of the whole organism, is the body that performs several important physiological functions (see Fig. Diagram of the skin). It protects the body from various harmful effects of the environment, is involved in thermoregulation and in the regulation of General metabolism in the body. Important is and secretory function of the skin (sebaceous and sweat glands). The skin, moreover, is a vast receptor field, perceiving from outside and transmitting the Central nervous system in a number of senses.

Diagram of the skin

Diagram of the human skin

1 - Horny layer; 2 - layer shiny; 3 - granular layer; 4 - thorn layer; 5 - basal (cylindrical) layer; 6 - basal membrane; 7 - horn cells; 8 - basal cells; 9 - epidermal; 10 - the actual leather; 11 - core; 12 - fascia; 13 - muscle

Exercise therapy has a positive overall impact on the human body, helps to normalize metabolic processes, hormonal and emotional status. Physical therapy and moderate exercise is indicated in all patients with chronic disease out of the acute stage.

Lupus erythematosus

The disease manifests itself in two main forms. One of them (discoid) is characterized by skin changes of the face, occasionally scalp, upper chest, back, fingers. Another form (the system) is associated with damage to internal organs. Systemic lupus erythematosus mainly affects the connective tissue. Shown massage, LH, walks, moderate exercise, etc. the Massage is performed with warmed massage oil in the period of remission. Also shown is a manual massage in the bath, brushes (peripheral parts, less damaged) and the jets. Not recommended sauna, UVR (ultraviolet radiation), hypothermia.

Physiotherapy consists of General developmental, breathing exercises, exercises with gymnastic stick, rubber elastic bandage in sitting, standing and lying (if expressed articular syndrome)


It is a disease of the connective tissue. Characterized by its seal (sclerosis), which is manifested mainly on the skin.

Shown massage, LH, physiotherapy, dosed walking, skiing, diet therapy, fortification, various ointments, etc.

Skin itching

The basis of this neuro-reflex process can be functional disorders of the cerebral cortex, mental disorder. Distinguish between General and local itching (local).

Senile pruritus is more common in men aged 60-70 years; a seasonal itching occurs in the transitional seasons and is observed in individuals with symptoms of vegetative dystonia; high-rise itching appears in some people when climbing the mountain to a height of 5-8 km It is connected, apparently, with changes in barometric pressure.

For skin ulcers shown cryomassage, LH, tempering procedure, walks, games in the Park (forest), swimming, skiing, river (sea), antihistamines, acupressure, Spa treatment (diet therapy, oxygen cocktails, mineral baths, health path, etc.)

Psoriasis (psoriasis)

Psoriasis is a common chronic disease, prone to relapse and exacerbations. On the skin appear small, the size of a pinhead spotty-nodular lesions pink-red color, single or multiple, slightly raised above the skin surface. Often psoriasis is accompanied by itching and diseases of the joints (arthritis).

For psoriasis are recommended physical exercises and tempering procedures beyond the acute stage. Shown therapeutic exercises (LH), UFO, swimming in the sea, skiing, Cycling, boating, sauna (Banya), massage, air baths, douche. LH includes General developmental, breathing exercises, if pronounced arthritis, LH is performed in a sparing mode (initial position lying, sitting).

Atopic dermatitis

The disease begins with itching, which is usually very intense, arises attacks, mostly at night. Distinguish between limited and diffuse neurodermatitis. In atopic eczema shown cryomassage, massage neck area and head, LH, diet, swimming, cross-country skiing, antihistamines, various baths, sedatives, oxygen cocktail, fortified with vitamins. Spa treatment includes swimming in the sea, walks and games on the beach, taking air baths, diet therapy, phytotherapy, etc.

V.I. Dubrovsky,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
IANPO and the New York Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,
A.V. Dubrovskaya, pediatrician

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