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Physical therapy in the neuroses

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Functional sexual disorders in men

The menopause in men

Asthenic syndrome

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The disorder results from a traumatic or infectious brain lesions or after somatic disease causing mental disorders.

An important place in rehabilitation is therapeutic exercise, hardening, steam bath, massage (see Massage).

Neurosis is one of the most common types of psychogenic reactions characterized by mental disorders (anxiety, fears, phobias, hysterical manifestations, etc.), presence of somatic and autonomic disorders.

There are four types of neuroses: neurasthenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hysteria, overtraining and fatigue (in athletes).

Neurasthenia (asthenic neurosis) characterized by increased mental and physical fatigue, absent-mindedness, decreased performance, etc. the Most typical complaints of lack of energy, lack of energy, weakness, intolerance to normal loads, sleep disturbance, etc.

The OCD (obessive-conpulsive neurosis) brings together numerous neurotic manifestations. The most characteristic fear of open spaces, a certain position, the fear, not the ability to perform any of the usual functions, etc.

Hysteria manifest motor and sensory disorders, and disorders of autonomic function that simulates somatic and neurological diseases. K group of motor disorders, on the one hand, are hysterical paresis and paralysis, hyperkinesis, tics, coarse rhythmic tremor, aggravated by fixing the attention, and a number of other involuntary movements. Possible generalized convulsive movements, accompanied by autonomic disorders and impaired consciousness.

Fatigue and overtraining characterized by deterioration of mental and physical condition, reduced sports and overall health. In most cases, fatigue and peertranet mingle with each other, giving the symptom of disorders of the body. Worsening the overall health, sleep, increased sweating, palpitations, etc. The neuroses are recommended LH group method with music, massage, long walks in the forest (the Park, the Park, along the banks of the river, sea, etc.), Biking, boating, skiing, swimming, psychotherapy, herbal medicine, high-calorie diet with the inclusion of carbohydrates and vitamins, the dose of oxygen cocktail with medicinal injuries, aromatic baths, etc.

Functional sexual disorders in men

In the pathogenesis of sexual disorders is of great importance is a stressful condition that occurs and becomes sustainable in the identification of sexual failure (inadequacy). If sexual disharmony, associated with physical causes, disorders, often caused by neurosis. If there are inflammatory diseases of the prostate and seminal vesicles, disorders of neurovascular regulation, diabetes mellitus, necessary comprehensive treatment. A sexual disorder in men characterized by sleep disorders, headaches, etc.

When neurogenic (neurotic) impotence massages, LH, swimming, skiing, Banya (sauna), physical therapy, fortification, water treatments, adaptagen (ginseng, schisandra, oplopanax, etc.).

The menopause in men

With age there are structural changes in the tissues of the genital glands with growth of connective elements, which have sensitivity to hypoxia is much lower than seminiferous epithelium and interstitium of testes.

Signs of menopause in men occur in different age groups in varying degrees of severity. But all there is a change of hormonal background and related restructuring neurohumoral and mental components. The presence of asthenia is confirmed by the complaints, tremor closed eyelids and fingers outstretched hands, increased tendon reflexes, an alarming suspiciousness. Marked fatigue, reduced physical and mental performance, memory loss, sudden hot flushes, increased sweating, various angiostatic nature of pain, decrease in sexual activity. There are also disorders of the Central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, marked disorder of the functions of the visceral organs, changes in metabolism, neuroendocrine decorrelate, fluctuations in blood pressure, heart rate, vascular responses.

Menopause in men illustrates the physical training (walking, Jogging, skiing, Cycling, games, etc.), daily morning hygienic gymnastics (see Fig. Approximate complex LH in menopause for men), herbal medicine, massage, Banya (sauna) and other means.

Approximate complex LH in menopause in men

An approximate complex of therapeutic exercises for the menopause in men

Asthenic syndrome

This state is characterized by fatigue, the weakening and even loss of ability to great physical or mental stress. The syndrome may be constitutionally due, but may develop in case of insufficient nutrition, "vitamin starvation", excessive physical and mental load during convalescence after illness, injuries, etc. In asthenic syndrome recommended dosed walking, LH (see Fig. Approximate complex LH asthenia), General massage, herbal medicine, skiing, Cycling, swimming, conditioning, sauna (bath), reception adaptogens (Schizandra, ginseng, etc.), etc.

Approximate complex LH asthenia

An approximate complex of therapeutic exercises asthenia

V.I. Dubrovsky,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
IANPO and the New York Academy of Sciences,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,
A.V. Dubrovskaya, pediatrician

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